Match reports 


 Tatsfield Village CC v Broadway CC 3rd June 2018 (AWAY) WON

 Our Foreign correspondent reports -

A beautiful day at one of our longstanding, favourite venues. An annual fixture since 2001; we had won 9 of the previous 16 matches. Team news saw the uncontroversial dropping of Adrian Langford, Alan C’s first match for Broadway and Adam Michaels first of the season. Lessey and Hayden Alcock from OCC bolstered the nine Broadway members. Colin was unavailable. The pitch looked a bit rough and patchy but the main feature was the meadow surrounding it. No chance of the ball scuttling across the outfield to the boundary due to the long grass backed up by the cuttings from its previous mow.

 In our two games to date, all four innings had been between 145 and 155 but with a shortened 35 over game and ultra slow outfield this may be a lower scoring game. (these wise words were written before the match, of course).

 Adam is back! And how we needed him! It was reassuring to drive into the ground ahead of meeting time and see Adam in full kit warming up as the wicket was being prepared. A month’s break from cricket had clearly whetted his appetite to legendry “Keano” levels. Opening with Dan, Adam completely dominated our innings with 65 of the 97 runs that came from the bat including two sixes. Next best was extras with 23 in our total of 120. Simon (13) helped put on 56 for the second wicket and Luke managed to scrape double figures but all round it was pretty dire except for Adam. Four ducks, two scores of one and one of two came about through a mixture of skied shots, missed straight ones and dragged on wide ones.  Sicknote Steve was unlucky with a deflected drive from Adam running him out.  This did give Ian the opportunity for another umpiring dispute as he didn’t seem to know what had happened.  [ To be fair he was busy taking evasive action to notice - Ed. ] After some discussion and debate he gestured to the stands for Steve and a major incident was averted. Cleary Adam was going to be our man of the match.

 A low score but the Duckworth-Lewis-Triggs  method had calculated 105 as a winning total. So, some optimism as we took the field although Tatsfield had a strong batting line up by the looks of it.

 Hayden and Lessey opened with tight spells. Lessey turned a couple of sharp ones that got the batsmen (and wicketkeeper) worried. A slow bowler turning the ball is not really cricket at Broadway. Reputations have been built on keeping to non-spinners for years. Hayden bowled straight and swung it both ways (he reported). With Alex coming on to bowl a really good hostile spell they crawled to 23-2 off 15. Then Alex bowled the ball of the day to york their top batsman.  It was looking positive but close. Somehow the captain had to find a 5th bowler and so he turned to himself. Good tight bowling backed up by a slip catch kept the pressure on. Ian Thurman pouched the catch at first slip with nonchalance. He made it look like he takes one like that every decade. Ian bowling at the other end and started tightly. A couple of his deliveries moved away from the batsmen in the air reminding one of that ball he swung in the summer ’89. Very strange, maybe he is losing control of that cross seam grip of his. Then normality returned and some straight pitched up balls were despatched. The score moved on to 53-3. Game on. The skipper consulted Lloyd’s manual - Mystifying Captaincy the Dan Lloyd way - and to the astonishment of more than one teammate implemented the first rule and brought on Dan. He, in turn, consulted Lloyd’s manual –Shock Bowling the Dan Lloyd way – and cunningly pitched the first delivery half way down outside off stump. The batsman smashed it straight at Alan who used several parts of his anatomy – a hand, thighs and his genitals were certainly involved – to somehow catch it. What a start. The new batsman lasted a few balls and then was coaxed into slicing to Hayden at point. A double wicket maiden. Now Dan summoned up the double bluff and started bowling really well. The next over saw their top scorer bowled middle stump. And in the third, middle stump was pegged back twice more, the last time by a genuine off cutter. An amazing 5 for 3 off three overs. With two wides within the three runs. A match winning performance but credit also due to Alex at the other end bowling six overs for 1 for 5.

 Suddenly it was 66-9. What could possibly go wrong now… Luke brought on Steve. And so began the never ending over. Around the midpoint of the over, Steve tossed his 9th delivery down the leg side. Cunningly applying Shock theory it was just within reach for the batsman and he hit far enough to get run out trying to get back for more. Game over, victory by 43 runs.

 Through his excellent batting Adam demanded something special and Dan delivered on a plate. (“Will there be anything else sir?” was reportedly heard from the showers). Did Dan do enough to take the Man of the Match from Adam? No matter, the trophy is on its way to Michaels’ Towers whatever. Two great performances.

 Stat of the day – Of all bowlers who have bowled more than 10 overs since the clubs formation in 1982, Dan has now got the best strike rate, approximately one wicket every 17 balls. But he also has the worst economy rate at around 7.25 runs per over. (unofficial)



 Broadway CC v Catford Cyphers CC 27th May 2018 (HOME) Lost


And so we moved on to match two of our unbeaten season. Could we keep the record going? Unfortunately the team was missing some Broadway stalwarts. The bowling attack was weakened by the loss of Fitz Hamiltons's nagging persistence (as well as his bowling) and the absence of Adam, Dan and Simon would affect the batting, Colin Mant was also unavailable.
The build-up started the night before when we cunningly left the wicket uncovered during a thunder storm, confident that Luke Constable would win the toss. He did and inserted the oppo on a damp wicket. Joel Berry made his debut with new member, Adrian Langford, getting picked for his second game. It is good to see this latter new boy already has the confidence to tell the skipper what should be done - maybe he has leadership potential.
Alex Langford was promoted to open the bowling following his no-wicket haul in the last game with Liam A-W at the other end. Bowling inswing to a 6-3 offside field (double bluff?), Alex soon had the batsmen in trouble. Liam also bowled well with some good cutters and occasional away swing. The breakthrough was dramatic with Alex getting the ball to rise taking two wickets in two balls, both nicked behind. Despite some strong looking batting we were on top with Alex getting a 3rd wicket, Ian a couple and Jake unlucky just to get one before drinks at 75-6. At that point 5 wickets had come from catches behind the wicket or at first slip either from edges or gloves / back of the bat as batting was a bit tricky. Clearly we were in a very strong position but missing some batting strength we could not afford to let them get back into the game. Unfortunately they did just that and a 46 run partnership followed by one of 27 helped them get to 154 all out with 2 overs to go. Overall we bowled well on a helpful pitch but catches were spilled and we let their later batsmen get on top. Alex 3-38, Jake 3-19 and Ian 3-29 (including a big 6) were the pick of the bowlers. The innings was closed by an excellent run out from Liam A-W. Drop of the day is a play off between Liam Smith and Adrian "Karius" Langford.
Rob D'Allie opened with Luke. Luke attacked from the start and went very quickly followed by Steve Purcell, Alex and Joel, all for ducks. Numbers 2-5 all out for ducks (is that a record) and we were 22-4. To be fair Joel did fall to a slower bowler having faced and survived some quicker stuff; to be unfair the others totalled 10 deliveries - an impressive collapse. Jake Fossey helped Rob make some recovery before miscuing (literally). Obviously all the runs were coming from Rob in a dominant performance and he batted really well for 42 when he was out at 58-6. To be honest the game was pretty much over by then and for a while it did not feel like a contest; too many wickets had been lost and the opening bowlers were waiting to return if we made a recovery. However, Liam S stuck around for 24 (from 61 balls) with Ian 11 (18) and Rory 17 (26) just keeping hopes of a victory alive. But when "finisher" Liam A-W came in it was too late and his 24 n.o. off 17 balls was not quite enough. A nine run loss.
A good game played in a good spirit. The better team won but we had a real chance. So, the 2018 invincibles are not to be.



Broadway CC v Limpsfield Chart CC 12th May 2018 (HOME) WON
At last the season kicks off. And we have a full Broadway 11, no ringers or guests - the rants from Ian and Luke about commitment have obviously worked. Jake flew back from New York, Colin even dragged himself along for a beer after the game. Sicknote opted for Palace's crucial game v West Brom.
The fixture is new and Ian has form in this area. But all was good as we welcomed a team looking similar to ourselves. New skip Luke wins the toss and opted to bowl.
A conventional start as Liam and Alex opened. What they lacked in wickets they made up for in (wasted) effort! The wicket was helpful, the ball swinging, chances were created. However, we maybe didn't put enough focus on the pre-season catching practice. A couple of tricky drops by Rob and two more senior members unfortunately "jumped under" their chances. Both Dan and Adrian saw the chance, bent their knees ready to spring and…another 4 to the total. Liam took a deserved late wicket but with both openers bowled out at 46-1 - were we in trouble?
The skip turned to Fitz and Jake. Jake bowled tightly, slowing down the run rate. Fitz, off his full 6 paces, slowed down the over rate. Fitz threw the towel in after 3 overs and Ian returned to action after missing most of last season. Really good bowling by Ian started the wickets tumbling with our new club member, Adrian, on at the other end. These days it is good to see a bowler who doesn't rely on pace. Or swing. Or seam. Or spin. Or variation. Assuming Alex's DNA has a contribution from both parents, Julie must be a hell of a good bowler! But the figures don't lie. Ian took 3 wickets and Adrian 4 in what was a very good all round bowling performance, especially for first game of the season. Our fielding was not so good with plenty of room for improvement as the season progresses.
Chasing 155 to win, Dan and Rob opened up. The opening bowlers were a bit wayward and struggled to hit Dan's bat despite him presenting it in the same place every ball. Rob looked solid and eventually the bowlers obliged so that Dan could play some good drives. An opening partnership of 51 was just what was needed against a dangerous opening bowler. Simon hit a swift 24 in a partnership of 31 and Luke followed up with quick runs. Dan was out for a grafter's 35 with 41 needed to win off 11, just what you want from an opener in a game like this. So, it was left to the dynamic middle order of Fitz, Ian and Rory to make a game of it. The run rate slowed the opening bowler returned and wickets tumbled. Mild panic was setting in; 12 needed of 3, 8 off 2, 5 off last over. Eventually ace finisher Liam took control and stylishly finished it off with a straight 6.
A great win with everyone contributing. The 2018 Invincibles are on their way!
Rory MacNeill



 Broadway CC v Shootershill2001 CC 4th May 2014 (HOME) WON

 A scintillating game of cricket in which 171 runs were scored in just under 70 overs of play. The kind of cricket Geoff Boycott would love to watch. Certainly a game for the purist on a pitch that loved to deceive. Beware the ides of May.

Double Zero, in his first outing of the season, no doubt made what will be the first of many wrong decisions. After seeing the pitch he elected to bat on winning the toss. In fairness to Double Zero the pitch looked like a belter. A Graham Hick track made for batting. Double Zero was helped in his decision making by the experienced Broadway batsmen around him who said they would love
to bat on this, and by the Shooters players who rather mischievously said that work had been done over the winter to improve the drainage. What rot! And what do Broadway batsmen know about pitches? Eff all is the answer.

Over one, ball one. Two points about this delivery. Firstly it did land on the edge of the strip about half way down. It then stopped on the pitch for what felt like about ten seconds before carrying on its merry way to second slip. Second point: the umpire, a god damn bowler, didn't see fit to call it a wide. But the opening batsmen now knew the error that had been made. Sure enough next
delivery - a bit closer to the bat this time, flew under an attempted cut which had been completed 5 minutes before the ball passed the batsman's off stump. At the other end Old man Garret started bowling his usual miserable line and length with the ball stopping on the Broadway bat. What followed can only be described as possibly the most boring passage of play in recent Broadway history. DTG and Triggs managed to put on 23 runs in 16 overs. Apologies to all who watched. But
dear reader if it is any consolation it was more fun to watch that "partnership" than it was to take part in it. We could feel the skipper looking on aghast contemplating various disciplinary sanctions that might be applied to these two openers, openers who had taken platform building to new depths in their endeavour to bury themselves in a trench on that pitch. But in hindsight this
meant that Broadway actually got off to a fairly solid start. 23 runs without loss off 16 overs in a low scoring game. In the next 52 overs 20 wickets were to fall on what can only be described as a two paced (or should that be two faced?) bowler's dream of a pitch. If the ball landed just short of a length it spat up and seamed away - on a length or short of a length it stayed low after trying
to embed itself in a what we now knew was a lemon sponge cake. On the plus side Triggs learnt how to hold a bat again after a long winter with no nets due to injury, and after 18 overs started to time the ball as well - just a little bit.

The skipper, after the fall of that first wicket, proactively did the right thing. He re-jigged the batting order and contrived to get His Lordship batting with Pinup whose partnership took Broadway to about 80 plus runs with ten overs left. This was aggressive intelligent batting in very difficult circumstances against the Shooters change bowling. On a more normal pitch that partnership
would have been worth a lot more. The Broadway tail then batted with a surprising degree of common sense and intelligence. This is not reflected in the scorecard but several of the later batsmen can consider themselves very unlucky to get out in the way that they did. Especially Sidney who fell to what must be considered the catch of the day (as much dear reader as it pains the author to say this). What was particularly pleasing was the intelligent running between the wickets until Jeet and Panther had a mix up of moronic proportions. But even after that the batsmen were determined to keep the score ticking over in what everyone knew would be a low scoring game. There were no silly heaves at the ball. Just a quiet determination to eke out whatever runs we could. We reached a grand total of 108. Special mention to Steve who gave us our first golden duck of the summer and to Luke who looked particularly solid at the crease. Steve - it will get better from here.

As we trudged off the skipper let it be known that he thought we might be a bit light in terms of runs (you don't say!) but that we had as a team the necessary skills to bowl them out on that pitch for less than 108. On this occasion he was absolutely right but it didn't appear that way at the start. We opened the bowling with the two war horses in the team, Elvis and Panther. Thy bowled
perfectly well but after five overs Shoots had inexplicably scored 25 runs as the pitch feigned to be the benign Graham Hick belter we had all mistaken it for three hours previously. Bastard two faced pitch. So the skipper had no choice but to chuck the ball to Pin up. His first over was ok. Nothing special. Nothing bad. Usual combination of terrifying speed and good enough accuracy to
keep the batsmen honest. He forsook a skip only to see his fourth delivery go through where first slip would have been. Not that any first slip in Broadway CC wold relish the chance to catch it. Get out of the way is the first thought that most of us would have had. But in his second (or was it third?) over Pinup came good. An all bowled hat trick of epic proportions ripping out the heart of the Shoots very experienced middle order.

First up their opening batsman who was always playing across the line. A fullish ball of near Yorker length stayed low and found the gap between bat and pad clattering into his leg stump. Was Pinup finally using his brain? Next up Garret the younger. Always up for a bit of banter we thought to greet with him silence after the initial round of applause. Pin Up decided to greet him with a fast fullish delivery on middle stump. Fortunately Garret the younger missed it entirely and trudged off slightly bemused. Pinup was using his brain. Next in Dave Kendall(?). Dave never gets that far forward to a delivery when he is in let alone when he is new to the crease. So this time Pin Up pitched one up, at full speed, on to his off stump. Dave was castled and the hatrick was achieved. The genius of pinup. Shoots batsmen 2,3 and 4 had been dismissed in three balls.
Now at 25 for three we had a game on. One note to Pin Up - you need to spend more time in the gym. Although the bails were sent flying neither, leg, middle nor off stump were uprooted. Clearly not bowling quick enough. But May the 4th be with you Pinup.

PinUp laid the foundation for the other bowlers to really turn the screw. Now wickets were a real problem for Shoots and they could not be too offensive against the other bowlers. Sidney Ferreira exploited this situation the best. Getting lots of revs onto his top spinner, he mixed his top spinner up with well flighted off spinners, and the odd quicker seam up ball. Sidney took four wickets for 8 runs in a bowling master class called: "how to bowl on a shit pitch". Bonnie would have been proud and miffed - Sidney didn't bowl any full tosses. From first slip it was a joy to watch.

Drinks were taken at 20 overs with Shoots on 47 for 8 when they had previously been on 25 for 0 off five overs. We feared it could all be over by drinks at five overs. We didn't think it could all be over by drinks with Shoots all
bowled out.

After drinks a special mention to our French spinner Jeet (pronounced with a soft J please) who managed to get a catch at first slip through a fine piece of off spin bowling. Allez Jeet! First slip was delighted to take the catch as it vindicated his theory about where first slip should stand to an off spinner - Panther please note that this is about 37 degrees to the bat four yards from the
stumps, three yards if Double Zero is bowling and two yards if sick note is bowling (notwithstanding the laws of cricket about how far fielders can be from the bat, which were written before bowlers of Sick Note's pace graced the game). First slip could not hide his glee but this I can assure you was more out of relief than joy. Well bowled Jeet - a cracking delivery during a miserly spell of off spin bowling.

Finally Luke, after a solid performance with the bat, was not about to leave the party without making his mark. Luke bowled a steady off stump line and had their last batsman, Ray, caught and bowled at mid-off - once again showing us that Luke is the quickest runner in the team. Sidney was standing beneath the catch for a long time before Luke made that call!!! Shoots were all out for 63 runs after 28 or 29 overs, 45 runs short of their target.

It should be noted that in the league match played at Shoots on Saturday, Shoots scored 143 and bowled out their opposition for 108 in a 40 over game. So for the time being, until that drainage work starts to take effect....(who did they employ... bodgit plumbers are us?) I would recommend not driving on that pitch. Instead you should all invest in some sleeping pills to get through watching the Broadway opening batsmen for the next few home games.

A great all round performance from the team and one that vindicated the Skipper's initial "mistake". But more importantly vindicated also his faith in all of us (god help him). Let's keep up the good start to the season by beating Eden Park next weekend. And skipper - don't ever again listen to a Broadway batsman talking about how good a pitch is to bat on. They don't know what they
are talking about.

vincere aut amittere semper bibere .


Dan Lloyd



Ad Hocs CC v Broadway CC 27th April 2014 (AWAY) WON

 Playing for the first time at Ad Hocs lovely private facilities in leafy Dulwich inspired BCC to produce an all round match winning performance.

 BCC batting first on a fair looking pitch in overcast conditions saw Thurman and Lloyd begin another season. At 19 or so off 5 overs things were looking reasonable until Lloyd went LBW. Shortly after Thurman went LBW. This now meant that the 2 M's  - Michaels & MacNeill were in. Playing steadily - some would say slowly getting us up to 50 ish by drinks.

With a score of 150 looking to be possibly a winning one the 2 M's upped the run rate without any scares. Out of the blue MacNeill is bowled for an excellent 39 bringing in our latest ringer Phil. (Highly recommended by Adam). Phil hit some good looking shots before going LBW to one keeping low. This brought the prodigal son Liam Walsh to the crease, fresh from a week of sunbathing in the Canary Isles. Liam struggling to hit a boundary blamed the enforced use of Simons Triggs bat. But with Michaels playing his usual measured innings runs were still coming. A mighty 6 from the Don sailing over mid on into the residential gardens losing the very very expensive match ball (£6) in the process, being the pick and much to the delight of the oppo. Michaels eventually fell trying to turn one to leg but endeing up bowled for another 50 + score .

Liam caught at mid wicket off Simons pudding of a bat brought left Jeet and Luke Arpino to see out the remaining few overs. Luke sporting a webcam attached to his helmet became the centre of attention for the oppo. Luckily for Luke he wasn't out first ball! I'm hoping to put a link to Lukes film on the site. Playing well in his first game for nearly a year he was controversially (but correctly ) given run out by Thurman umpiring at square leg off the last ball - responding heroically to another suicide call from Jeet. This put us on a decent 175 for 7 off 40 overs which felt a good score in the conditions. 

An excellent  tea described as 'beige' by the oppos Kato Harris consisted of chicken in various forms, sarnies, salad, quiche, pork pies, sausage rolls some other stuff and smoked salmon !!! + a few cakes. Would love to see what Kato thinks is a 'technicolour ' tea !!

 Anyway back to the game 

Walsh buoyed with the knowledge of a  Chelsea win opened down the hill having lost none of his pace despite a week of lager, Jagerbombs and 'sex on the beach'. Captain Arpino jogging up the hill at the other end looked the part. With the oppo up with or ahead of the run rate Liam struck first bowling their opener.

First change brought Thurman and Syd into the action. Not much happened untill Syd took an excellent diving caught & bowled  - straight out the "Tom Daley book of Olympic dives".

Next up were Phil bowling leg spin and Jeet bowling whatever he bowls. Phil took another remarkable caught and bowled, nonchalantly reversing his right arm across his body taking the ball outside his left shoulder. A Demonstration is required really. I think is was the oppos dangerous skipper Gray who was the batsman out. Pressure was now mounting on the Ad Hocs and with runs only coming in 1 or 2's and a light drizzle slowing the outfield things were looking in our favour.

Meanwhile up at the other end Jeet was hitting a consistent line and length conceding few runs and fielding well off his own bowling. Bowling straight through his 8 overs Jeet had an excellent catch taken off his bowling by Luke Arpino out at deep mid on taking the ball above his head Jeet could have had another if Liam hadn't dropped a sitter at point (it was a bit dark to be honest).

With Mash coming on for Phil with no luck - Tony Arpino dropping a difficult skied running catch the Ad Hocs were creeping closer to our score.


Thurman back on in place of Jeet arguably turned the game our way with the help of two excellent catches by MacNeill standing up to the stumps - one down leg the other outside off in quick succession. With Walsh now back on as well, coming up the hill this time  the last few wickets wre taken between the two of them giving BCC an excellent confidence boosting win by approx 20 runs or so.

All the batsman got runs , all the bowlers got wickets and catche were taken - an excellent performance to start the season with.

In the bar after the game Kato Harris gave me a coy of their Fixture card and records etc.  Also in it was an entertaining  piece entitled "Ad Hoc Nuclear Event Scale" A list of  8 "event levels" happening during their matches. My favourite was this -

Level 2: Incident  (Will Murday 1997)

"Murday could have been on this list so many times but his best moment was at Wood End when he told the opposition Captain: 'Your a wanker. I'm not giving anyone out while you're bowling' .Shortly after Matt Smith hit a long hop to point and was caught. Murday called 'wide' and 'not out'. The captain asked him why. 'Because your a wanker,' Murday reminded him."

 Ahhh cricket - dont you love it .


Halstead CC v Broadway CC 9th September 2012 (AWAY) LOST
Fabulous hot sunny weather saw us play our first game at the quiet country ground of Halstead CC. But it soon went downhill with Broadway at their comedic finest. Dan Lloyd assumed the role of skipper as Fitz (cpt) and 'Mushy' were late. Sicknote Purcell was asked to skipper but to stop Dan whining  "Fixture Sec" out ranked "Treasurer " in the Capaincy ratings, Sicknote conceded to Dan. Dan won the toss and decided to field (3 men short !!) We decided to get the game going just as Fitz arrived at the ground and for some unexplicable reason Dan decides to go into the dressing room with Fitz (so now we are bowling and fielding with 7 men !! So Rory now assumes role of Captain while Dan and Fitz do whatever they were doing. Eventaually Dan & Fitz join us (still no sign of Mushy despite being 10 mins away he joins us half an hour later !! ) Some very iffy bowling and some good fortune see the oppo on about 30 for 3 then the oppo assumed command (well their centurion to be honest did anyway). 241 runs later and we were having tea. Their opener? got 114 , out to a great running diving catch by Liam Walsh at deep mid on off Dan !! (previous 2 balls had  each gone for 4.
We then batted fairly meekly. The exception being Liam with an excellent innings, coming in at no 7. Liam hit two magnificent 6s the first off their slow bowler, a flat straight punch over a long mid off boundary that had the oppo and me in stunned silence, no backlift and no follow through. The second a similar effort to the opposite end of the ground.
Dan at some point assumed scoring duties and notified everyone that Liam had hit 50. Us and the oppo warmly clapped his gallant achievment only to find out later that Dan had got it wrong and Liam only had 43 !! I think we finally ended on around 123 all out with  'Mushy' hitting some classy runs too, a flat 6 over midwkt area being the best. (we forgot our score book and didn't get any details from oppo (to follow hopefully). Our bowling highlight was the skipper Fitz getting carted for 68 !! And plenty of expletives too.
 Our only thought after the game whilst in the Cock Inn was that if maybe we'd got their  centurion for 0 then it may have been a closer game. A decent bunch of friendly lads were Halstead and another trip there next year would be excellent if could be agreed.

Broadway CC v Chislehurst & West Kent CC II 5th August 2012, (HOME) WON
A good win on Sunday at home to Chislehurst and West Kent CC II  -  5 on the trot now.  An enjoyable and closely contested game, with the momentum swinging back and forth a couple of times
Another toss lost saw us bat first on a wet pitch.  The ball was doing plenty, the oppo bowled well and we had to dig in a bit.  We were about 40/2 off 20 I reckon and I thought at the 30 over mark that we would do well to make 140, but a great last 10 overs saw us reach 168, thanks to good knocks from Nabil Butt, John Garrett and John O'Reilly (a personal best of 20*)
After a tight opening spell and an early breakthrough, their second wicket partnership batted well and got them up with the run rate, they were prob 75/1 off 20 I guess.  They played some good shots but also seemed to ride their luck a bit with the ball going in the air on a number of occasions but not to hand. 
Good spells from Darryl Murdoch and Chris Shaw dried the runs up a bit and just after the drinks break both of these batsmen were dismissed within an over or so.  We then got on top of them, took a couple of wickets and the required run rate began to climb.  In the end they were all out about 40 short with 5 overs to go.  Good spells from Chris and Darryl in particular, and some good work in the field.


HSBC CC v Broadway CC 22nd July 2012, (AWAY)  WON

That was a great win yesterday, well done to everyone.

 It was a bad toss to lose (again!), and when the oppo were 90/1 off 20 I could see them racking up a big score.  But we took some key wickets and fielded well to restrict them to 186/5.  Some highlights:
·        Great effort by everyone on a hot day to keep going, some long chases for a few of us with some long boundaries
·        Nice stumping by Rory off Chris - key breakthrough for the first wicket
·        Tight bowling against some good batsmen who were looking to play their shots, particularly by Tony and Liam
·        A good spell from Luke, would like to have bowled him another over or 2 if he was fit enough! 
We missed a few chances, the worst being mine where I lost it in the sun and it landed about a metre away from me…
Following silver service at tea, we then chased down 186 with a few overs to spare. 
Chris whacked a couple of consecutive 4s to give us some early impetus but then was out the next ball.  Dan took an eye-watering blow to the box from their seriously quick opening bowler.  Simon batted positively, and we were probably 80/2 off 20 (effectively 3 down as Dan was still in some pain). 
The oppo only had 10 which meant there were some gaps in the field, and their 5thbowler option was a bit weak.
We batted well in partnerships.  After Simon fell, Steve and I put on 40 odd and they brought back one of the openers.  Then Liam came in and scored quickly, including some quality strokes when their quick bowler came back on driving him for a 4 and a 3.  With his last 3 balls though, their opener bowled Liam and then Ian (no three-figure average sadly!) in consecutive balls before Luke saw out the hattrick.  We then had a nervy couple of overs before Luke whacked a 4 and I hogged the glory by hitting the winning single.
I was very pleased with our batting, against some good bowling we remained positive and we ran good singles to keep the score ticking even when they bowled tight overs. 


Adam Michaels
Still not too much to write home about in 2012 !!

Tatsfield Village CC v Broadway CC 18th Sept 2011 (Away) - WON
Another great performance in the field, this time the batsmen didn't throw away the advantage so we recorded our 10th win of the season.

It was a good toss to win.  We had a great start, as Steve T and Tony Arpino bowled accurately, Steve's pace as he charged down the slope proved too much for one of their openers who nicked behind, and then he also got out their number 3 to a good catch from Sicknote.  Fitz then bowled 2 of
them in his first over, including their dangerman skipper Weaver with one that nipped back through the gate, to leave them reeling on around 15/4. 

Tatsfield then rebuilt around a 50 from their no.6.  The pitch was quite slow and anything short was really sitting up.  Ian Thurman was carted to leg a few times (most unusual for him) [he was a leg side slogger - Ed] and Chris was savaged for 19 in his only over.  Steve T came back on for another burst and took out their remaining opener, who had provided good support with a mix of blocking and leg side hitting (a second catch to the 'Note). 

Meanwhile our third Steve - Steve Crampton, on debut, found a good rhythm up the hill and was getting a decent amount of outswing.  Along with Luke Arpino, who bowled tidily, he slowed up the oppo's scoring in the middle overs.  Steve got a deserved wicket caught behind by Rory MacNeill, and finished with excellent figures of 1/16 off 7.  Tony came back and got their no.6, and then we kept the runs down for the final overs to restrict Tatsfield to 133 from their 35 overs.  Tony also took a quality catch diving forward from 3rd man, giving Steve T figures off 4/12 off 7.  Fitz Hamilton also gets a mention for his 2/18 off 7 and for his spookily correct prediction that Ian, in the gully, would get a chance which he did next ball and promptly dropped it!

A good fielding performance supported the bowlers, we took most of our chances and chased everything hard - and the slow outfield meant there was a lot of chasing to do!  I felt 133 was a good outcome but we would need to bat well with the slow wicket and the outfield.

Tatsfield's opening bowlers were getting a decent amount of swing and were pretty accurate, so it was hard to score early on.  Ian was bowled cheaply and Rory fell soon after.  Simon Triggs and I gradually accumulated with a few singles where their field was a bit deep and the odd 2 when
we pierced the field.  At the 15 over mark we were around 30/2, needing around 5 and an over.  The going was a bit easier against their change bowlers, but boundaries were still fairly hard to come by partly due to some slick Tatsfield fielding.  We didn't allow the required run rate to get much above 5, and a couple of big overs got it down slightly below but it was always tense.   I think we needed around 45 off the last 10.

They brought their opener back an over early to try to get the breakthrough, which slowed up our scoring a bit.  Simon got out coming back for a second down to the vacant third man boundary for 49, top knock and also impressive jug avoidance.  We had put on 102 but there was still a tricky 3 or 4 overs to negotiate - we had wickets in hand but its always difficult for the new batsman to score straight away.
Sicknote was unselfish and perished going for the big shot, bringing Chris Shaw to the crease.  We needed about 10 off the last 2 overs, but they had to use a new bowler for the penultimate over and I carted him to leg a couple of times to bring up the win with 9 balls to spare.

It was a great relief to get the win after some of our recent low scores!

My man of the match: Steve Tanner
Adam Michaels

Broadway CC v Bexleyheath CC 28th August 2011 (Home) - LOST
One week we play like champions the next like relegation material. It was men against boys and the trouble was we were the men humiliated by Bexleyheaths 14 years olds. They had 2 players over 16 reckon.
After inserting the oppo on a very damp pitch Bexleyheath were one man down in a matter of 4 balls curtesy of Steve Tanner. There opener fended a ball that popped a bit to yours truly in the gully. A few runs here and there and a few wickets saw us on top for most of Bexleyheaths innings. Adam used his customary short bowling spells to try and confuse the oppo's scorer which also did a good job too on our players. One second you were on then you weren't. Thurman first change broke down after 2.5 overs with an aggravated hamstring that had caused problems the previous week. Triggs finished the over then was replaced by Chris Shaw. Chris on at the council house end tried to get the batsman playing away from their body, trouble was he overdid it somewhat and the umpire kept giving wides. Triggs at the other end was bowling well and had the oppo captain caught and bowled taking a hard hit shot comfortably at waist high. Simon's reward was to be taken off and Chris "I'll change ends skipper, that'll sort my line out" Shaw took over. The Posh House end is a difficult end to bowl at as Chris found out. It takes specialists to operate from that end so Luke Arpino came on and got a couple of wickets with the batsmans favourite ball - a loose full toss. Liam who's first ball full toss had bowled one of the kids did not look completely comfortable in the conditions. However their keeper, the oldest guy in their side - even older than me  - had slogged a few loose deliveries until he cracked Liam towards Luke at mid-wicket to take a brilliant half diving/rolling catch. Steve Tanner came back on and mopped up 3 rabbits who were set on death or glory. Even Chris after 4 overs managed to get a ball straight enough to get a wicket.Ohh and Tony Arpino bowled a few wides too. Steve was pick of the bowlers with wides the oppos second top score  (20) I think !!! 
After a very tidy fielding and bowling performance we went into tea feeling very confident of another win.
The omens were not good tho at tea. Watching the Man Utd v Arsenal game, 17 mins gone and the great Arsenal were two flukey goals down. Our batting performance became the equivalent of the Arsenal defence.
Triggs out first - played on ( said the ball got jammed under the toe of the bat popped up hit the back of his bat then the stumps hmmm) Bowling was a fast Chris Shaw.
MacNeill out next bowled around his legs to same bowler.
Purcell managed to restrain himself for an over or so then drove one to mid-off  who dropped him. Next over he was caught.
Lloyd who'd been working out his average, offered some easy catching practice to mid-off/extra cover.
Luke Arpino played straight down the line of middle stump (I was umpiring) but the ball went down off stpmp line.
Walsh in to join Michaels made everything look sooooo easy confidently hitting the ball all over the place - until he "got the bat stuck in the ground " and couldn't prevent the ball hitting the off stump.
I went off to get padded up, came out the changing room to be told hurry up you're in next @ no 11 !! In my absence Steve Tanner had ran Adam out and then got himself out caught.
Tony Arpino stuck around till he holed out out at mid on - "this bat's firewood" he exclaimed on return.
Thurman with Adam running for him joined Chris at the crease  needing 58 ish to win  - "we can do this still" said Adam (well you have to say that don't you) Chris obviously didn't hear Adam as he sliced a soft catch to point to complete the shocking batting performance. The oppo kids had been very chatty in th field and had obviously been well coached even so we should have scored a100+.
 In the bar Dan said goodbye to their captain "see you next year"  all we saw was his back as he walked out the door!
Ian (should be fit in 2 weeks) Thurman

Carhalton Athletic v Broadway CC  21st August 2011  (Away) - WON
A great winning performance on Sunday saw off Carshalton Athletic.   It was a particularly great win in the manner it was achieved and with only 10 men including Craig (Liam Gallagher) Trewin making a welcome return. John O'Reilly guesting again for us managed to turn up this week. Sicknote tracked him down in the morning at some football match and ferry him to the ground. Later he was to give Charlotte a thrashing at pool. Multi talented he is!
Carshalton won the toss on a decent sunny afternoon opted to bat and for once started nearly on time. Walsh coming down the hill and Tony Arpino up the hill opened  proceedings keeping things tight ish. Tony had the first wicket bowled ? then shortly after Liam bowled Golding  and Carshalton were 38 ish for 2. Craig came on for Liam and bowled with excellent pace and line picking up 3 wickets.  And that was pretty much how things went a few runs a wicket few more runs wicket with the overs quickly ticking by. The constant rotation of our bowling attack makes the detail a little hazy as to who bowled what etc however I do recall Luke Arpino missing a sitter on the mid - wicket boundary off his dads bowling - no pocket money for Luke this week !   Thurman on up the hill took a couple of wickets clean bowled but dropped a simple caught and bowled - shocking - no beer money next week for him. Worse was to come as the reprieve allowed the Carshalton bat to smash a few sixes and fours.
Highlight in the field was a quality piece of fielding by Liam. Liam chased a ball out to deep mid-wicket picked it up as the oppo turned for a second.  Liam threw to the far wicket where Adam took the bails off with their batsman run out halfway down the track. Fantastic bit of fielding
Overall our our bowling was generally pretty tight the fielding good and Carshalton were restricted to 149 for 9 off 40 overs. Considering the fast outfield and a playing surface 2/3 thirds the size of Mayday Gdns this score was 50 short I thought.
Adam Michaels and Ian Thurman were trusted to get Broadway innings up and running and for at least once this was achived. Some loose ish bowling and superb boundary hitting from Michaels was backed up with successive fours by Ian to put us on to 47 ish off 7 overs when Ian departed for another caught and bowled for 16.
Tony Arpino in next obeyed the skipper in not getting out but also failed to score many. Adam became somewhat becalmed too and fell with an upish drive into the covers.
Steve Purcell in at 4 and fresh from some boundary saving fancy footwork earlier in the field, where he was unlucky not to add a broken ankle to his medical CV.  Steve took a liking to the bowler and after 3 sighters smacked the fourth one. He thought it was going over mid off's head for six but actually only got half way to the boundary with a fielder underneath it - oops.
John O'Reilly us came in looking poitive and laid bat on ball a few times and got a couple of runs till his youthfull exhuberance got the better of him and his furniture was rearranged going for a big hit.  Tony A was fired out by trigger finger Trewin which left Luke Arpino and  Liam Walsh at the crease. Luke played sensibly defensively letting Liam get the runs wher he could. This was going well till Luke decided to be a bit more expansive with his shot play and was bowled. I think it was at this point that Fitzroy Hamilton strode to the crease minus gloves. When suitably kitted out took his guard (he apparently had told himself to play defensively). Taking a liking to his first ball - thinking it was pony  Fitz felt it had to go for six. One mighty swing and Fitzs furniture was rearranged. In came Craig facing a hat trick which he easily defended.
At this point we were 77 for 7 and looking down and out as we only had Chris Shaw left to come in ( only joking Chris). We did have overs to spare however as long as we could stay in. By now Liam was seeing the ball well hitting the odd four while Craig backed him up with a careful watchfull mature innings keeping out the trickier deliverys easily. Liam and Craig  began to accumutlate runs and the score crept up towards the 150. A Carshalton change bowler came on bowled 3 wides then got Liam to edge to their keeper who dropped it! He then conceded a couple of boundarys to Liam and was taken off. The opening bowler returned  and was taken apart by Liam with 3 successive 4's, one hammered through square leg nearly wiped out half our team sat on a bench outside the pavillion. Bringing up an excellent 50 and utimately a match winning innings. The score now was approx 142 with 4 overs left. A slowish left armer came on bowled one that kept low to Craig which hit him on the pads way outside leg and clipped his off stump. Bugger!! 
Was this to be  a case of so near yet so far.  
Chris came in confidently saw out the rest of the over leaving Liam on strike. The Carshalton bowler going by the name of Dog trundled in and a  big drive from Liam saw an outside edge loop over fly slip and go for 4. Liam drove next ball ? straight past the bowler tieing the scores and a firm push into the covers saw an easy single take us to a deserved victory with jubilation all around.
A great partnership between Liam and Craig had sealed the win which was so much more satisfying than any wide margin win. Liam and Craig never panicked played everyball on its merit and showed immense discipline. It was a joy to watch - if only all our batsman could do that!
One of those truly memorable victory's  - you should have been there !
Ian Thurman

Broadway CC v Cobham CC  14th August 2011  (Home) - WON

 Dan Lloyd's cunning plan to gradually relocate the Broadway to leafy Surrey by arranging a fixture with Cobham came slightly unstuck. Cobham are from Kent, in fact, near Meopham! However, that would have at least been useful for one of Broadway's player's had we been based in Surrey seeing as a blank looking Sicknote couldn't reply in the positive when asked where son-in-law (to be!) John was! As John was still in South London it looked as if we would be at least one played short, but where there is one Garrett, another is never far away, and our thanks to Dave Garrett for turning out for us at very short Notice - about 10 minutes to the start!!

Cobham won the toss and elected to bat. With Liam Walsh still stuck on the M25 somewhere it was down to Ian Thurman and Colin Mant to open the bowling with the opposition generously lending us two fielders. Both the Cobham openers started steadily and were intent on playing their shots, with a flashed chance going past Chris Shaw at slip, but Ian and Colin were bowling tightly and the MOO made the breakthrough bowling the No.2.

With Mr Garrett and Liam arriving our two young loanees were replaced and Broadway's average age soared through the roof again! Colint followed up with a fluky wicket as a leg-side full toss was top-edged to Ian at square-leg and Cobham were 2 down for 15.

Mr Nice and Mr Price (I shoulda been a poet!) steadied the ship for the visitor's, with Colin bowling out his 8 overs straight through for a very tidy 1 for 20. A spell at gully beckoned for me next to a rather windy Dave Garrett. Next time you play, don't have beans for breakfast!! Liam replaced Ian and Steve Tanner coming on from the bottom end, which with his level of fitness was a joy to behold! Sadly Liam left his bowling action (and fashion sense, more of that later) on the M25 and Cobham began to score a few with Mr Nice playing some lovely shots, the pick of which was a ferocious pull off Liam, and looking a very dangerous customer. Although we were bowling tightly as a unit a breakthrough was needed, and after Fitz Hamilton, Steve and Liam failed to find it, on came wind machine Dave Garrett. With his son keeping wicket, anything could happen, and it did. As Price dobbed one into the ground Garrett jnr crawled almost up his arse to try a stumping! Clearly disturbed by having a wicket keeper appear between his legs, Price tried to charge down the pitch and was promptly stumped next ball. Steve Tanner swapped to bowling down the hill and removed Nice LBW with a straight full ball that hit him in front ,  after he had made a steady 48. With the bowlers bowling a good line and length, wickets fell at intervals and a run out for Ian at point, helped keep the score down. Pick of the other batsmen for Cobham being Mr Krays who batted well for an unbeaten 31 for a total of 136 for 8.

Dave Garrett took 3 for 22 for our pick of the bowling. Chips and tiffin!!!!

 Dan Lloyd and Ian opened the batting and Dan was finding the area through the slips/gully/3rd man area a particularly productive source of runs. Ian prodded his first ball back to the bowler and with it dropping rapidly was very athletically caught by Mr Ward about an inch from the ground. Not one of our bowlers would have caught that chance for sure! Maybe Liam tho. The Note (aka Steve Purcell)was looking good and scored a five from one ball, but sadly Dr Sick is never far away and he was caught behind top edgin  a thwack downt leg. Dan, by the time John Garrett came in, was dug in deeper than a Chilean miner, at one point he called for a canary, but was building a tenacious innings. John was intent on getting on with the job though and his 'sighter' was smashed cut through the covers for 4. Cobham were not willing to just roll over and they bowled well and really made a game of it. However, Garrett jnr was in good form and after subjecting our bowlers on previous occasions to many a misery, he started to punish anything loose. Dan went LBW for a determined 35, but not before JG reached his 50 for a jug that we are still awaiting, along with the father and son stumping jug, and Dave's 3 wickets jug. JG and DG, please note, we were only joking about the father and son and 3 wickets jug, however a 50 does count as a jug .........we can only joke so much about beer!!! JG and Liam were left to finish off the game with Liam getting 8 not out and John hauling an unbeaten 67, to add to his 73 against us the week before, for the win. 

Time for a beer, although not before Dr Sick savaged Dan for not helping put stuff away!! A game played in great spirit, and the Cobham lads seemed keen on playing home and away next year, which I hope the fixtures secretary will be able to arrange as they were a good bunch of blokes and I think the games will be good against them as there wasn't much between the sides. They had some good young talent and the 'older' ones were very useful players.

Only our tightness in bowling and fielding, and an aggressive knock from JG won this game....if they had held the catch off John it may well have been different. 

Observations in the bar.......Ian looked dapper sporting a black trendy t-shirt and shorts, Croydon Police are currently interested in talking to him as the outfit was last seen on a mannekin in Croydon Primark before the riots. However, the fashion police are hunting down Liam for wearing Espadrilles and a pair of stripy shorts with turn-up's. Turn-up's! Have a word! Only Sicknote has turn-up's on shorts, and that's because their usually too long for his legs!

Thanks to the opposition for a good game and also to the Garrett's for turning out for us, much appreciated. Finally.....a mention to young Luke Tanner too, worked tirelessly in the field, chased everything, and had to run from pillar to post to his fielding positions without one complaint. Well done sir.

 The Colster

(aka Colin Mant)


Broadway CC v Nuxley CC (HOME) 24th July 2011 - WON
A good win against Nuxley, and revenge for our recent defeat at their place.

Again we had the bowlers and fielding to thank for the win.  Nuxley (missing the top 3 bats from when we played earlier in the season) were bundled out for 73 with around 10 overs to spare.  Their opening bats kept out some good bowling from Steve Tanner, Ian Thurman and Liam Walsh before Fitz Hamilton got the breakthrough with the score around 22/1 off 11.  Liam knocked leg stump out of the ground 2 balls in a row - with both batsmaen motionless.  Fitz then took another wicket to leave them reeling at around 40/4 at drinks.  Then the Thurmanator got into the act, taking 5 wickets in his second spell, I think Chris got the other wicket a high one handed catch at point by Steve Tanner. Excellent bowling all round with very few loose balls, which meant the pressure just built and built.  Ian took 5/8 off around 7, and Fitz had particularly good figures of 2/13 off 8.  The fielding also played its part - some of the best groundfielding from us in a while with particular mention to Sicknote stopping everything at extra cover and Triggs doing well at square leg.

It was a good thing we got them out cheaply, as the Nuxley attack was pretty strong.  They had 2 quickish openers and then first change bowled at a decent pace with away swing.  A key feature, as with our bowling, was a lack of bad balls - so it was hard to score.  We were in a similarly shaky position to them at around 40/4 off 20, and then Dan perished shortly after for a hard fought 19, the highest score of the day on either side.  Ian and I then combined to take us to victory, with
the gap between slip and gully a particularly productive area for me!

Fine weather, a decent wicket and the match played in a good spirit. And a jug of beer from Mr Thurman!  A very enjoyable day, and good to see Colin and Darryl who came along to watch.

Broadway CC v Meopham 3rds CC (Longfield) 10th July 2011 - WON
A good effort on Sunday saw us beat Meopham 3rds.  The facilities made Waring Park look luxurious but it was a nice setting in Longfield and played in a good spirit.

We were put in to bat on a damp wicket in classic humid swing bowling conditions.  Dan Lloyd was almost expelled from the Openers' Union by hitting a 4 and a 6 as we made 13 off the first over, but our projected score soon fell below 500.  A rush of blood later and he was back in the "pavilion".  After that uncharacteristic start, we batted sensibly keeping wickets in hand.  Should I take the credit for my email about not giving your wicket away?  No, that goes mostly to Rory MacNeill, who made an excellent 50 that underpinned our innings.  I made 40 odd, and Adrian Langford came in and made a quick 30-or-so to accelerate the scoring.  It had been quite a few games since we had wickets in hand towards the end, and it seemed to take the lower order somewhat by surprise!  A rash of wickets tumbled in the last few overs (3 in the last over, for the addition of 3 runs) and we didn't quite make it to 200. 

But 194 was a good total on a slow wicket, and would take some chasing. The oppo run chase got off to a horror start when John O'Reilly pulled off a quality run out with a long flat throw over the stumps.  All the bowlers kept it tight - it was a wicket where it was hard to score from good balls but short balls sat up to be belted, and we put in one of the most disciplined bowling performances
of the season so far.  A gradual strangling over 40 overs to compare with the previous week's brutal execution.  Tony Arpino and Colin Mant started us off, and Fitz Hamilton and Sam Holland kept up the good work.  Their batsmen were under pressure and getting further behind the run rate, and they lost quite a few of their wickets trying to score off good balls and giving catches.
By drinks they needed over 6 an over, so we could protect the boundaries
a bit.  Chris Shaw bowled a good spell, and Ian Thurman and John O'Reilly, taking a nice return catch, also bowled well. Our fielding was also pretty good, a few minor misfields but we held our catches.  Overall a good team effort.

We ended up winning by 26 runs but it felt like more... the less said about Colin's last over the better!  Some people only perform well under pressure. The oppo skipper virtually insisted we drink in the Meopham clubhouse (10 mins away) where surprisingly they had a decent bitter on for £1.50 a pint !

 One negative note was another person on the sick list - Adrian tweaked a couple of muscles batting (not sure how, since he mainly seemed to score
in boundaries). [Ed: it was when he walked off from umpiring duties!] Get well soon.  We expect Sicknote Purcell and Liam Walsh back anytime soon.


 Broadway CC v Shootershill2001 CC (HOME) 3rd July 2011 - WON

 In a low scoring match Broadway produced their best  effort in the field to secure a win against our dearest enemy, with key contributions from two players making their comeback, Warhorse Chris Shaw and Pin up Liam Walsh.

 A return to summer, a CEO batting strip, two young opening batsmen both having hit personal bests this year, a new ball bowling attack not to be afraid of, and a batting line up with Fitz Hamilton at No 7 were all portents in their own way of the schizoid day's cricket that was to follow: 218 runs scored on a belter of pitch for the loss of both sides all out inside 60 overs.  

 Broadway CC won the toss and chose to bat first. After two overs we were up at 6 an over and eyeing the 250 mark. But disaster struck. Triggs walked for the faintest of edges, an edge so faint that neither the other batsman, DTG, nor the umpire saw it or heard it. I did see and hear Triggs bat hitting the ground but I don't think he was out. No worries Triggs clearly had his mind on having some more coca cola(!). Out walks our glorious skipper Michaels who for once failed to cover himself in glory. After some dodgy running calls from Lloyd the skipper decided to get them in fours and was duly bowled by that defilement of nature, a left arm over medium pace bowler. Hish now walks to the crease as the scoreboard says 20 for 2. This is not familiar territory to Hish (aka Billy the Fish) who usually walks to the crease expecting to clobber everything. For the next 15 overs Billy the Fish  and DTG batted like Boycott and Tavare on the opening day of a test. Lloyd was very comfortable with this scenario (i.e; all too familiar……). Hish though deserves to be congratulated for reigning in his natural instincts as we rebuilt the innings around him.


Hish as his alter ego -  Billy the Fish 

 DTG was out on 20 overs. After the drinks break Hish accelerated and carried on accelerating as he ran out of batting partners. Hish eventually fell for 52. But he was ably supported on the way by the lower order,  most notably by Fitz who batted like a proper batsman and was rightly furious with himself after playing across a straight one. Fitz should pay more attention to Fitz's batting tips - "if it's on the stumps play with a straight bat". Broadway were all out for 128 with five overs to spare, a woefully below par score.

 Respect should also be paid to the Shooters hill bowlers who without exception bowled tight lines on a batting pitch which behaved well all day long. There is nothing worse as a batsman than facing bowlers who just spend the whole time bowling at your wicket, except for facing left arm seam bowlers bowling all day long at your wickets……

 After a very long tea break the Shootershill innings commenced. We opened the bowling with the younger Warhorse Steve Tanner and the older Warhorse Tony Arpino. Both snorted into their delivery strides and put their backs into it. They kept the score down but were unable to make the breakthrough. Welcome back Liam Walsh. Liam came on as first change bowler and was clearly determined to make up for lost time. After four overs of serious pace and devastation Shooters hill were 26 for four. They were up with the run rate but running out of wickets. Panther (aka Thurman) came on and carried on the good work as wickets continued to fall. [Ed. that would be had John Garrett ct behind ].

 But for once Broadway as a fielding side (average age 50) were able to match the bowlers.  Panther took a sizzler at gulley. [Ed. dont over dramatise lloyd] Youth policy held onto a flat one at mid on (Luke Arpino). Fitz held a skyer at cover - very nonchalantly it might be added although the rest of us had our hearts in our mouths. Best of all Triggs, determined to redeem himself for walking and now having had enough coca cola,  took a brilliant catch diving forward at mid wicket.

 Not to be outdone though was warhorse Chris Shaw back at first slip where he belongs. Hish got a glove on the edge as it zipped past him. This may have slowed the ball a fraction but also diverted it to the left of first slip. Showing the reaction speed of a warhorse half his age Chris did the flying Teddy Jump. Both feet off the ground, torso horizontal in mid air, head turned and facing the oncoming ball, hands in front of his neck cupping the speeding ball, all in a couple of pico seconds. Then crash to ground and welcome back Chris with ball in hand and another shooters hill batsman on his way back to the pavilion. To a man Broadway looked over in disbelief. And he said he had a dodgy knee!  

 With our foot firmly on the their neck, Shooters hill last wicket pair produced their biggest partnership of the innings. Could they pull it back from here? Chris, back from injury and post the 'flying ted' leap, was holding up an end with some beautiful leg spin bowling to a tight field. At the other end we had some good medium pace dobbing from youth policy and Fitz. But we still could not prevail and so back came Steve Tanner for his last two over spell. He finally bowled the No 10's leg stump and the game was won by 38 runs. Shooters Hill were all out for 90.

 Broadway once again failed to set an imposing total with the bat but came through with the ball. If we bowl and field like this every week we will be a much tougher team to beat. Man of the match jointly to Liam and Hish. Liam to be fined for jug avoidance - he should have been screaming at the skipper for the ball so that he could get five wickets for the game. But most memorable were the two candidates for Catch of the season. First to Triggs for that most awkward of catches - the forward dive. Second to Chris the 'flying Ted' for a truly spectacular effort. Long will they both live in the memory.   

 DTG (aka Dan Lloyd )



Broadway CC v Carlton Sports CC (HOME) 12th June 2011 - LOST

Another defeat on Sunday (by 5 wickets).  A good effort by everyone, but we weren't good enough on the day and Carlton thoroughly deserved to beat us.

After losing Rory MacNeill early on, we took too long to get going - 34/1 off the  first 20, on a pitch that was doing plenty.  We then did well to score 157/6 off the 40 overs, a decent score but we would have to bowl well and take our chances to defend it.  They got off to a decent start batting and we never really put them under enough pressure.  We took a few wickets and made them work hard for it, but with 10 overs to go they were up with the run rate with wickets in hand.  A few short balls got clattered and they were home with about 4 overs to spare. 

That said, there were plenty of good performances to note.

Tony Arpino filled in as an opener, and did well to get through the opening burst with the ball moving around a lot.  Hish scored a quick 33 when the run rate needed a boost.  Steve Tanner hit 16 (with the majority of their  team on the boundary trying to stop him), and then took 2/23 off 7.  Sam Holland and Nabil (who was guesting for the first time) both kept the runs down, conceding around 3 an over.  And John took 2 good catches.


Nuxley CC v Broadway CC (AWAY) 19th June 2011 - LOST

Sunday's game against Nuxley CC was disappointing in a number of ways.  Rain for the 3rd week in a row, a below par performance overall meant we deserved to lose, and an injury to Steve  (Sicknote) Purcell  early on in the game.

At least we got a game though (reduced to 35 overs), and there were a number of good performances.  Also, in terms of getting a full team out, excellent work by Fitz  (who drafted Brian in - last game he played was for us about 5 years ago I think!) and Steve P (who tried about 15
people, without success), cheers guys.

Nuxley chose to bat and were aggressive from the start.  Their opening pair put us under pressure and made it hard for the bowlers to settle.
We dropped a few catches and gave away quite a few runs in misfields. They were about 75/1 after 18 overs I think.  We fought hard and kept them to 163, which was a good effort after the start they had.  Brian bowled well and took 3/26 off 6, but my pick of the bowlers was Steve Tanner (7-1-19-1).

So less than 5 an over required.  Unfortunately after 3.1 overs we had scored 1 run and lost 3 of our top order!  The wicket wasn't that easy to bat on, with uneven bounce and plenty of balls moving off the seam.
Tony Arpino, batting at 9, came in at 61/7 off 21 overs.  We put on about 35 but the run rate was creeping up to about 8 an over by the time I was out.  Fitz Hamilton and Tony had a few big overs to keep our hopes alive, and put on just over 30 which was an excellent effort.  We managed to keep it competitive, but we were really struggling after the early wickets.

My man of the match: Steve Tanner.



Newington CC v Broadway CC (AWAY)  5th June 2011 - WON

As Duncan McCourt would have said, "cricket was the winner" yesterday as both excellent performance from us and back to winning ways.

In a time game, we bowled first under heavy cloud.  I was hoping it might swing about a bit, but within about 5 overs it started to drizzle which didn't help.  In slightly unpleasant conditions the bowlers kept it tight with very few loose balls and we fielded really well.  We took some good catches as the pressure told, John took a particularly important one at deep midwicket to dismiss their opener and Luke also took a good one.  Steve P took one as well, and managed to keep his
shirt on this time!  There were also a couple of great efforts that didn't stick.

We took an early tea at around 90/6 (when the rain got a bit too heavy) and then they batted on.  From the number of cakes eaten, I guess that a couple of our bowlers didn't think we would be going back out (you know who you are)!  But the rain eased up to mere drizzle and we restarted. The pitch had got much harder to bat on (one ball from Ian lifted off a
length to take the gloves for a caught behind), but their last pair put on about 20 I think and they declared on 142/9.  All the bowlers did well, but the pick was Ian with 4/23 off 11. 

Their opening bowlers bowled well and the bounce was pretty unreliable. It was still drizzling.  Chasing a relatively low target, the key would be keeping wickets in hand.  Dan and Simon started off scoring mainly through the slips area (!), but also running some good singles to keep it ticking over.  They began to score more confidently and had put on 72 from about 20 overs when Dan tried to pull a straight one that stayed lowish, leaving around 70 needed from 16 when I came in.  It had stopped raining, to everyone's relief.  At this point Simon really stepped up and took control of the run chase.  He scored particularly heavily from the cut shot, but also scored through the leg side and straight.  The pitch did get a bit easier towards the end as it dried out, so I think we had the best of the conditions.  But it still looked more like a battleground than a cricket pitch by the end!  It was great to watch Simon from the other end, and I just gave him as much strike as  ossible.  He made 96 not out in comfortably the best innings I have seen from him, and in the end we won with about 6 overs to spare.

Overall, a great team effort from us.  Well done to everyone for keeping it up in the field through some horrible weather.  Credit also to Newington, who played positive cricket and also struggled through the unpleasant conditions to make sure there was a result. 

My man of the match - Simon.

 Broadway CC v May & Baker CC (HOME) 29th May 2011 - LOST

Thoroughly beaten on Sunday, but well done to everyone for sticking at it.

At least Dan lloyd managed to get us a game after Carshalton had to cancel.But I wouldn't describe a team featuring a guy who was playing for Karachi U19s a year or 2 ago as "weak medium" myself!  Its happened to us before, and it will happen again...  The signs weren't good when I turned up at around 1.15 to find their entire team (plus sub) netting.

We started well, Liam Walsh took 2 good wickets including a superb leaping caught and bowled.  They were aggressive from the start which was either because they were overconfident or batted deep.  Unfortunately it was the latter!  Their Karachi guy was a quality player, he opened and batted throughout for 120* or so, shots all round the wicket and aggressive running.  We bowled well, and I thought we did particularly
well after the tea break to rein them in until the mayhem of the last 10 overs.  Achintya bowled a tidy spell of spin, and we had a couple of difficult chances that went down.  But they had wickets in hand and made
us pay in the last 10 overs, as successive new batsmen came in and blasted the ball from the word go.

We bowled well under the circumstances, and I was pleased with the way that we stuck at it in the field.  Rory MacNeill was still as sharp as ever in the last over to stump one of their dangerous lower order (who had blasted one over for 28, even with most of the field back on the boundary).  The massive disappointment was Liam's broken finger, sustained diving forward for a catch, he had to go to hospital.  Thanks
to Sam Hollads mate Josh for filling in - wouldn't want to play with 10 against that lot!

265 would be a tough chase against any side but they had some good bowlers and fielded well.  Simon Triggs and Dan saw off some quick bowling, which included a few head-high bouncers.  They also had a legspinner who turned it miles.  Rory batted particularly well and Steve Tanner also had a good knock, which helped us to post about 120 I think.  But not a great deal to celebrate from the day.

My man of the match was Liam.  His injury is a massive loss to the side for the next 8 weeks or so, best wishes for a speedy recovery. 

On the plus side, Chris Shaw may be back playing soon and we have guest players making good contributions - Sam, John, Achintya and Will are all good additions to our squad.
Beddington CC v Broadway CC (AWAY) 22nd May 2011
A good performance from us, but I think they were the better side on the day.  Overall a good day, and even getting a team out was an achievement in itself with 8 members unavailable.
Beddington scored 210/3, underpinned by 108* by their skipper.  It looked like they might score more than that at one point, but once Luke Arpino got their dangerous-looking number 4 out we were able to push the field back and try and keep their skipper up the non-striker's end.  Generally we bowled well I thought, under difficult circumstances (a howling gale, a flat pitch and some good batsmen).  But being critical we gave away too many in extras (30 - they gave away 6) and bowled a bit short at times (by contrast, I can't remember getting a short ball in my 30 mins or so out there).  Fitz Hamilton and Achintya were the most economical (around 3.5 runs per over).
210 was a tough target, and we lost most of our top order cheaply.  Dan Lloyd, though, held firm to make 60 - I don't need to go into any detail, as I'm sure you will hear it directly from him at length over the next few weeks!  Supported by Mash (a mate of Tony Arpino's), who struck the ball nicely and also bowled well) they put on 80 for the 5th wicket to take us to the near safety of 130/5 with 5 overs or so to go.  We had some big overs during their partnership where we kept up with the run rate (around 8 an over required when they came together) but then there would be a cheap over and so the run rate crept up steadily.
But, since it was a time game, we had the option of the draw... Mindful of his responsibility as Vice Captain, Fitz gave some helpful advice to the batsmen who by now were focused on keeping out Beddington's opening bowlers "keep the score ticking over".  Next ball, Mash was on his way back to the pavilion after an injudicious swing.  With the field in, Sam Holland went out and tried to hit every ball he faced for 4, with some success.  We ended up with 4 wickets in hand at the close and scored around 140 I think. 
They seemed like a decent bunch and the match was played in a good spirit.  They were a bit stronger than us on the day I think.  In the field, we had a couple of chances that went down, which might have helped us to restrict them to less than 210.  If we were chasing 180 it might have been a bit more interesting.  Either way, we needed at least 2 of the top order to make a score, which didn't happen.
My man of the match: Dan



Swinging Googlies CC  v Broadway CC (AWAY) 

A good performance for us yesterday saw our winning streak extend to a record 3 games*.

Getting a team onto the pitch was a victory in itself, with only 6 members available.  Thanks to Dan, Simon and particularly Steve P for getting us extra players.  The Note managed to get 3 players within
about 3 hours of me phoning him, which was a magnificent effort. Our guest players acquitted themselves well, and in my view there are some good prospects there for new members.

The Swinging Googlies' usual pitch was not available.  Instead we played at the Alexandra Rec, or is that spelt  or the first time ever.  It was not pretty, unless you're a bowler I suppose... (and even then, Liam didn't get to bowl his full allotment in case he killed someone)

Luckily I won the toss, so we bowled first and had the best of the conditions.  Got them all out for 76 in about 31 overs, everyone bowled well but the best figures I think were Abhi (Simon's mate) with 4/25 and Sam (a mate of John O'Reilly - Charlotte Purcell's boyfriend) who opened the bowling and took 2/10 off 7 I think.  Simon also got a good spell in.  Our fielding was excellent with John, Sam and Paul (the third of Steve's mates) all doing well, and Liam as usual although he didn't get
much ball at midwicket thanks to the bowlers keeping it full. Definitely good to have some more youngsters on board.

76 was a low total so all we had to do was bat through the overs and we would win.  Easier said than done!  We were cruising at about 45/3 when I came in, but lost Rory, Simon, Liam and Sam in the space of a few overs to make it about 50/7 and looking dicey.  But by this stage we had seen off their best bowler.  The next guy on bowled a few half volleys and a few full tosses which I despatched, and we won with quite a few overs to spare.  Good knocks for Dan and Steve.  But my man of the match was Rory - batted for about 20 overs and almost saw off their best bowler, and only conceded 3 byes as well on a horrendous track.

I guess we won't want to play them again as its too far for quite a few of us, but they were a good bunch.  We can discuss where we play away fixtures in the bar after the game or at the AGM, but we do have some fixtures outside our "normal" area this year because we were too late to get fixtures against some of our regular oppo.  Thanks to those who did make the journey.



2010 Match Reports

SDA Greenwich T10 Tournament 2010 - Monday 31st May 2010

Mayday Gardens & Samuel Montague Sports Club, SE3

Broadway finished 4th, the Winners were Blackheath CC

Written by Ian Thurman 


On the back of the skippers wife, Julie Langford's 40th birthday party at Shootershill came the Greenwich SDA T10 competition. But for the hardened BCC tourists among us the late night proved no problem i.e. no one was found sleeping in the scorehut.


This year there were 6 teams rather than last year's 3 - and the fly in the ointment this year were Blackheath CC. Even more so when we found out they were in our group of three! Only the winners from the two groups would contest the final.


[Ed, for the uninitiated Blackheath CC are one of the biggest clubs in SE London. Their first XI are often in the Premier Div of the Kent Premier League but currently languishing in first place of Div 1]


Blackheath CC v Oasis CC were first up in our group and Simon Triggs and Ian (aka MOO)  Thurman as neutrals umpired so we had an early close up look of the Blackheath bowling, as it turned out. Overhearing the Blackheath captain (Will Hickman, S.A. by the way) tell his players to "stick to the plan" it was obvious they were taking this competition seriously. They looked a very good disciplined side, reminiscent of many classy touring sides we have faced over the years. Northwood, IOW; Methley , Yorks; Bath. Whilst umpiring their captain was effing and blinding at their keeper for dropping a catch off his bowling. He also had a go at me, of all people, for giving a wide! "That was never a wide umpire" he said. "It is today" I replied!


Any way Blackheath cruised to a comfortable win against Oasis CC.


Broadway CC v Oasis CC were next up. Broadway with a depleted side were grateful for Sicknote to get a couple of spares. Mike Miller (aka STRETCH) and John O'Reilly (aka future son-in-law).


Kitted out in out team shirts, courtesy of Greenwich SDA, they were gratuitously vandalised by Trewin & Murdoch to include a nickname on the back.


Skipper Hamilton (aka LARA) won the toss and batted. He insisted no balls were to be blocked and 10 an over was the required run rate. Thurman and Trewin opened with 10 off the first over Thurman out bowled. So far so good! Trewin was slapping the bowling, as he does. Jones (aka BRIEFCASE) clipped a fabulous 6 on the leg side, - looked as though it went straight up in the air, but cleared the boundary by 10 yards. Sicknote playing the cover drive again (something not right here). Bish, bash, bosh and Broadway were rattling along. Some great banter and fun on the sidelines as the ball went everywhere off the Oasis attack. Jonesy shouting out, after Paul Trewin was hit "we've had a vote - retire hurt". The Blackheath boys looked on feigning disinterest.


93 for 3off 10 overs - a good score and a winning won. Oasis chugged along but lost wickets and were always behind the rate. Only thing really to note was Thurman having the batsman miss-time a shot straight up in the air - Jones the BRIEFCASE  (keeping wicket) called for an easy catch - stood there and let the ball hit the ground  (a la MacNeill circa 2007ish) to stunned silence. Thurman is used to having catches dropped off him. Murdoch (aka A-Team) somehow fluked a wicket maiden over. Walsh initiated a run out with a throw from the boundary, right over the stumps, even had the Blackheath umpire said great throw - which it was. However, Walsh (aka PINUP) who knackered his elbow throwing earlier did more damage to it and was AWOL for the Blackheath game (bottle job I reckon!) Luckily Jon Garrett drinking at the bar was available to be drafted in discreetly for Liam (against the rules probably but hey ho).


Next up Broadway v Blackheath. Hamilton (aka LARA) wins the toss, elects to bat upsetting the Blackheath's skippers. Mike Miller (aka STRETCH) opens with Simon (aka The Short Fat One) the Blackheath opening bowler literally tiptoed up to the crease then fired the ball through to the keeper head high 20 yards back!  Tight unhittable bowling, superb throwing created all sorts of problems for Broadway.


Garrett (aka RUN OUT KING) was obviously in the pay of Blackheath CC. For 4 or was it 5 run outs later - no names mentioned, you know who you are GARRETT!!  -wait till I see your dad, Broadway finished on 52 off 10 overs. Gladwin (aka Spanner) was run out going to the "safe end" caught out again by good fielding.


The Blackheath batsman were clinical, no wild slogs just class shots with power and placement meant only 5 overs were bowled by Broadway.


Next stop 3rd/4th play off game after tea versus v Bostall Titans? Played on the Sam Montague ground


I now know what it feels like to be in the World Cup 3rd/4th play off game - an anti climax!! What was the point - apart from another game of cricket - which is always good I suppose. Fielding  first Broadway's start was mixed 12 off Thurman's over was not good and edges off Walsh going for four didn't help. Still wickets fell amongst the runs -  very sharp catch at mid-wicket for Triggs  - great confident boundary catch by  Miller - very sharp dropped catch again at mid-wicket saw skipper Hamilton depart the field with some sort of strain allowing Purcell to replace him. Some questionable umpiring decisions by ourselves didn't help matters either.


With 92 to chase it was going to be tough and scoring was slow until Jones the BRIEFCASE cracked 19 off one over including a nice leg side flick for 6. Runs and byes kept coming and down to the last over 19 were needed only getting 8 resulted in a gallant and close defeat. Even the Blackheath boys came over to watch the closing stages and offered us some encouragement.


Over the day all the oppo were sporting towards each other and was good fun. If Blackheath had not been there then it's very feasible we could have retained the Trophy.




Blackheath CC players - Will Hickman; Seb Slater; Jamal Patterson; Ivan Thomas; All play in the Kent Premier 2ndXI !! The rest are all in their other league sides.


Final Match report see -


Broadway CC vs Carshalton Athletic CC - Sunday 30th May 2010

Mayday Gardens, SE3

Broadway 259/3 beat Carshalton Athletic 160 all out by 99 runs

Written by Dan Lloyd (batting) and Darryl Murdoch (fielding)

A beautiful day and a return to winning ways for the MFB. Bonnie's second game in charge this summer and his first win but some things don't change. Fitz was one year and 35 minutes late. An improvement.


Panther and Triggs opened the batting but Triggs fell early. On the other hand Panther rolled back the years and showed that he is possibly the youngest and sprightliest of the old warhorses. With a series of crisp cover drives and old man swishes Panther reached 40 in double quick time and laid the basis for the carnage that was to follow. Interestingly during his innings of 40 Panther outscored his more illustrious partner, Posh, who in the early part of his innings was struggling to score fluently.


Liam came in at 4 and blasted a quick fire 23 in inimitable Liam style. A free style hitting technique combined with an orthodox straight bat and great hand eye co-ordination points to a long term future for Liam as a batsman - but only if he can find us another bowler as quick as him. Alas Liam was bowled shortly after drinks. When he left the field the in the 23rd over the scoreboard read 117 for 3. A very healthy postion. Adam had now been in for 20 overs but had only scored 50 runs. AS DTG walked out he could see Adam muttering to himself and it was immediately clear that Carshalton were going to have problems.

Now batting with Adam is at once a joyful and frustrating experience.


Frustrating because at the end of every over he will walk down the pitch to you and


  • Let you know what you did wrong


  • Let you know what you did well


  • Let you know what to do next and encourage you


which is all very nice of him but kind of pointless as he wont give you any of the fucking strike. Adam has the making of a good warhorse.


Joyful because you get to watch from 22 yards away a first class demolition job which is exactly what it was. Adam scored 133 runs, only his second highest score. Lloyd and Michaels put on an unbroken stand of 142 (Lloyd 36 - thanks for being there) to take the score to 259 for 3. Carshalton were a broken team. As their players left the field some complained about our batsmen taking the game too seriously.................. Well what do you expect of would be warhorses.


After another sumptuous tea in the Shooters Hill 'pavilion' the MFB headed back to the theatre of battle to hopefully snuff out any Carshalton hopes of a sustained run chase. Langford opened the bowling with one of the established warhorses, Steve Tanner from the Broad Walk End, and current bowler of the year Fitzroy from the Tennis Court End. The first two overs went without alarm for Goldy and his opening partner, but Langford had obviously been reading the last match report written by DTG as he decided to end Tanner's spell after just the one over. He did the same to Fitz, bringing himself into the attack without even a sniff of rabbit in the air.


Tanner S returned to the attack to pick up a wicket and Bonnie picked one up himself, before he turned to spin from each end. Dave Tanner, returning to the MFB ranks for a one off appearance and Darryl took things to Carshalton and between them picked up 5 wickets - 3 for Tanner and 2 in 2 balls for Murdoch - both bowled. Tanner was replaced by The Note, who picked up the 6th wicket to fall to a spinner with a Murali-esque off break.


With the rabbits bobbing their way to the crease, Old Potato Head decided it was time for his third spell of the match. He picked up another wicket in his first over leaving Athletic reeling at 85/8. With half a mind on Julie's party and half on him having to wait in the bar for his roast dinner, Ade allowed the game to continue and it was only the introduction of Hamilton at the end which picked up the final wicket - after a 50 stand, to leave Carshalton Athletic all out for 160. A 99 run win for the MFB - a second win over their foes in a row - and to think, this is a team that once dropped Broadway as they felt we were too weak!


The MFB and most of the Carshalton lot (who play the game in the right spirit and are a great bunch) headed into the bar to prepare for Mrs Langford's 40th Birthday celebrations. I'll leave someone else to report on anything that happened there, but needless to say, it was a good night after a very good day for the Broadway lot.


Crawley Tigers CC vs Broadway CC - Sunday 23rd May 2010

Crawley Eagle Cricket Club, Cherry Lane

Broadway 117 all out lost to Crawley Tigers CC 120/7 by 3 wickets

Written by Adam Michaels

A decent performance in the field was not enough to make up for a poor batting display in our first game against Crawley Tigers.

After an epic journey to Sussex, we were greeted by a decent-looking park pitch.  The locals obviously love their cricket, as there was a casual "tape ball" game going on in the other part of the field.  Not a hint of a football in sight, although the ambience of the ground was ruined slightly for me later by the appearance of a small dog…

The wicket looked relatively even, but had a slightly spongy texture probably because of the amount of grass.  We batted first on a baking hot day.

The bounce was relatively high and a bit slow.  Their openers, Atif and Shezad, were bowling fairly tightly with a bit of swing and we had to work for our runs.  We lost Paul and Simon early on, before Rory and I began to slowly build a decent partnership.  Runs were still hard to come by, and I was thinking 160-odd would be a reasonable score to post. 

We began to up the scoring rate off the 4th and 5th bowlers (Khalil and Riz) before a combination of poor judgement and bad luck derailed our efforts.  I got out to an injudicious slog off their slow bowler Riz which took the edge, a particularly poor bit of cricket at that stage of the game.  Shortly afterwards, Rory had to retire hurt with a torn calf muscle.

We then lost wickets at regular intervals.  Steve looked good for a few shots but slapped a legside ball down fine leg's neck.  Liam was bowled through the gate, a disappointing follow-up to his maiden 50 the previous week.  Rob, who hasn't played much cricket recently but has eaten a lot of pies by the looks of it, was out cheaply. 

The tail wilted under the pressure and will have been a bit disappointed with their efforts - Ian and Tony were both out going for the big shot.  We ended up not using about 4 of our overs, which is criminal - in spite of a disciplined effort from Luke and a heroic reappearance from a hobbling MacNeill.  The last 7 wickets collapsed for 38 after Rory retired hurt.

Anyway, 117 didn't look like it would be enough, but could acting skipper Murdoch and the bowlers make up for the batsmen's failings?

We certainly made a good fist of it.  Murdoch, opening, trapped one of their openers LBW for a duck before a great catch by Paul at cover point.  But their skipper Parvez was watchfully accumulating and punished the bad balls to keep them ahead of the rate.  Riz supported him in a significant stand for about 15 overs which took them to a strong position.  During this time, Liam replaced Ian and bowled quickly, while Darryl mixed it up at the other end.  But the oppo knew they just had to endure and were happy to block.

At last Arpino came on, and took a wicket in his first over, the extra bounce taking the edge of Riz's bat.  Tony then bowled Khalil and we were in with a sniff, but a few overs later he pulled up injured, a major blow to our chances.  Thurman, filling in at mid-off to save Rob running the length of the pitch between overs, just couldn't reach a possible catch, and then couldn't cut off a 4 in the same over. 

We kept pressing to the end, with a fantastic caught and bowled from Liam dismissing Parvez for a crucial 57 - leaping high in his follow through and plucking the ball from the air with fingers and thumb.  Luke took a good catch to dismiss a key man, but it was slipping away from us.  Ateeq, in at 9, looked like a strong batsman.  If the 'Note could have held on to a tough chance off him we would have had a theoretical sniff of a "Chak De"-style ending with 2 wickets needed and about 2 runs to play with, but it was not to be.

In general our fielding was very good, although I shelled about 10 in byes that a fit MacNeill would have likely stopped.  Paul and Luke were particularly notable in lifting their games.  Rob brought energy and a strong arm to the side, and Liam was excellent as ever.

But we just couldn't make the crucial breakthrough.  Their batting was much too sensible to let us into the game, Parvez in particular.  My perception was that the pitch died a bit.  Had we scored 20 more, then things would have been pretty interesting.  The Tigers seemed like a decent side and I think we would be pretty competitive on another day.

Broadway CC vs Ash CC - Sunday 16th May 2010

Mayday Gardens, SE3

Ash 118 all out, Broadway 96/5 - match abandoned due to rain.

Written by Simon Triggs

Well well well
What an afternoon we were in for.
A very overcast mid March day greeted us at the home of cricket.
In the nets already was Chav trying to smash Murdoch out of sight.
Then out of the grey our semi retired Skipper showed his face for the first time this year,as usual loss the toss, and we would spend the first 150 mins in the field.
Camouflaged in the grey came another Broadway legend Moo , moaning about something...........
Walsh and Tanner opened , with a fine display of quick bowling. Walsh snarling away, Tanner needing an iron lung. No joy though as the edges came thick and fast only resulting in boundries as the slip cordon seemed reluctant to get their hands cold by removing them from their pockets.
9 Overs gone, about 50 on the board, no wickets, Broadway seemed to be in for a real Eyjafjallajökull day as Ash rained down on us.
It was time for a change Arpino and Hamilton into the attack, Arpino peeled back the years
and bowled a super tight spell of 5 overs for 7 runs but, as has been recently, no reward with wickets,
no horse impressions this week either but some great added sound effects.
Well at the other end Hamilton looked quicker than normal and wider than normal.You could see the batsmen licking their lips at the prospect of smashing these deliveries around, how foolish just little nicks to the waiting Macneill and one straight ball (the only one) which chopped the wood down and Hamilton had got us back into the match 8 Ov 3 for 25.
Skip wasnt finished yet and bought in more bowlers Thurman and Murdoch appeared on the scenes and between them in 14 overs saw off the rest of the innings Thurman 8 Ov 3 for 21 and Murdoch 5.5 Ov 4 for 14.
An over was given to infant Langford a fine over too, and sureley we were seeing broadways future , and soon it will be "Playing Alex Langford, dropped this week Adrian Langford" as we want to put out our strongest team...
On the whole we fielded well but got battered by some very uneven bounce and according to fitz only dropped 5 or 6 chances.
Tea Chips were good.
Out to bat Broadway felt the total set of 119 was achievable even on the Mayday pitch.
Then it started to rain.
Triggs as usual blocking most stuff and Trewin as usual trying to smash the ball out of sight again for the 2nd time today.
Trewin decieved by a slow one on a very, now, damp pitch. Macneill marched to the centre without some spikes and consequently spent most of the next 10 minutes on his arse. Eventually bored with falling over retired hurt with a thigh strain.
Ash players seemed delighted and maybe started to smell a win. They concluded that Rory might come out to try hit the winning runs a habit which they assured me was his favourite. Rory said 'nah I normally smash them all over the county'.
Walsh promoted up the order to 4 youthfully swam to the crease and started smashing the bowlers for boundries.
At the other end the short fat one decided he was to wet and cold and should leave it to Liam to finish them off so departed with a pathetic shot. Langford seemed to think that was a good idea too. Tanner supported Liam well as he blasted a maiden 50 in great style in quick time to.

Then thunder lightning and it was off to the bar to watch England finish in style and as 20 / 20 champions .
Match abandoned 23 runs short 14 overs to go.


Broadway CC vs Carlton Sports CC - Sunday 9th May 2010

Mayday Gardens, SE3

Broadway CC 187/4 beat Carlton Sports CC 153 by 34 runs

Written by Dan Lloyd

It was our first home game of the season, a needle match against our friends at Carlton Sports. After a record defeat under the leadership of Vice Captain Fitz his EARLY presence at Shooters Hill did not inspire confidence. True to from and quite appropriately after leading us to a 180+ runs defeat Fitz duly lost the toss. The MFB were inserted on a classic shooters hill pitch under cloudy skies. The portents were not good. Opener Chris had not picked up a bat since September last year and Simon had a point to prove along with all of us after the record defeat two weeks previous.
How wrong we were to be fearful. In the opening exchanges Chris rolled back the decades unfurling boundaries at will. Growing in confidence Chris then ambitiously went for his trademark clip to mid wicket for six (remember shooters hill in 2008), this time over the long boundary. He succeeded only in getting caught out off a leading edge.
Simon took this as his cue to dig in. By the tenth over he was so well dug in, building that foundation no doubt, that we could no longer see him down in his trench. Rory joined him in that trench and dug in with him. I hear they built a good solid partnership but we couldn't see them from the boundary. They took the score from 13 off three overs to 25 off 12 overs. Test Match quality on display here. A target of 120 was looking optimistic by drinks. Finally Simon and Rory moved up to second gear and got the scoreboard moving, slowly. But they did a great job. Simon was out in the 27th over. When he left the field the scorebaord read 103 for 2. We were now set for a 13 over dash towards respectability. As Simon walked out in walked Posh (more of which later).
His Lordship was irked at not being allowed to bat until the 27th over. This was reflected in his batting as he proceeded to take apart the bowling. His anger was focussed on their fifth bowler and he was determined to make the most of whatever short time (potentially 13 overs) was available to him. And so it passed that he played a pre-meditated stroke to a slow bowler and was duly bowled. A cardinal sin. His Lordship had spent 27 overs muttering about when he was going to bat and then spent 8 overs muttering to himself about getting out. As Keano would say - let that be a lesson to you all!
Paul and DTG provided quick runs towards the end of the innings but both were determined to make Rory run as much as possible. From 103 for 2 off 27 overs Rory, Adam, Paul and DTG moved the score along at just under 7 an over to 188. A decent total after being on 50 off 20 overs. 
But this was Carlton Sports and gamesmanship was always near the surface. Carltons best bowler, one Gary Moans, failed to bowl the first ball of the last over in a vain attempt to ascertain the batsman's intention. Unimpressed DTG on the very next ball walked just as Moans hit his delivery stride. To rub it in MFB took 7 off the over in byes including 2 leg byes from an LB shout off the last ball. Moans moaned about that one all the way back to the pavilion as he ended up wickletless (thank God).
After a rather longer tea than was necessary Fitz led his team onto the field to defend 188. Now it was the bowlers turn to make amends for that crushing defeat. Liam cruised in from one end and consistently beat Rory for pace, let alone the batman. From the other end Fitz produced the kind of tight display of medium pace dobbing that had so eluded us all two weeks ago. But Carlton Sports kept up with the run rate and the wickets would not fall.
On came Tanner and Arpino to make a breakthrough. Like two old warhorses fighting against the dying of the light they wheezed and snorted their way through their opening spells. Arpino actually did a horse imitation off his very first ball veering away to short extra cover naying and snarling and stamping his feet like some fine pedigree out of control doing dressage at Badminton.
And with their tails up at last a wicket a fell in Tanner's second over, a caught behind to Rory. But as with all old warhorses there is a time to nay and stamp and a time to rest and Tanner's immediate reaction was to breathe deeply and kneel down. All memories of those 326 wicketless runs were banished and we started to play with more self belief. No one more so than Daryl.
At last Double Zero entered the fray and started to bowl his usual stock ball; the straight one that doesn't turn. This was a brilliant tactic and bamboozled the opposition batsmen. Finally in the seventh over Double zero took his just rewards with three wickets in four balls - one caught by Tanner and two lbws. Those slow straight non turners are lethal.  
From there the game was ours to win despite DTG's best efforts to bowl them back into it by conceding 25 off 2 overs.  Walsh came back on and cleaned up the Tail but most important it was Walsh who ran out Moans who moaned all the way back to the pavilion, again. A fitting end to his short innings of one run. The MFB ran out winners by 35 runs
A great team performance, and a fine performance by Fitz as skipper. The team owe a debt of gratitude also to Rory for a fantastic 74 not out and to Double Zero for three wickets in one over, the finest two individual performances of the game.
Special mention also to messrs Tanner and Trewin Esquire.  Arpino bowled a nice friendly full toss to their number three batsman who promptly swatted it for 6, twenty yards over DTG's head, twenty yards away from the nearest fielder and twenty yards over the boundary.  This did not stop Tanner, an old warhorse who had just caught a catch, from berating the fielder for "dropping it". On the positive side I would be worried if Tanner stopped berating his fielders so. There is clearly much life left in this old warhorse even if we must in future bowl him in 8 separate one over spells.
And now to Paul Trewin esquire. As His Lordship ran from square leg to deep fine leg to save a boundary Paul very helpfully cheered him on from slip with the words "go on Posh" thus giving rise to a new nickname for Adam AKA Keano, His Lorship and Lord Snooty and now Posh. Posh ignored the helping comment and pelted after the ball. But other fielders came to his defence and suggested that Paul Trewin Esq should perhaps be known as "Chav". Let it be known from this day on that whenever one name is taken in vain let it always be associated with the other, Posh and Chav!
The Butler.

Old Rutlishians CC vs Broadway CC - Sunday 25th April 2010


The Clubhouse, Poplar Road

Old Rutlishians 333/1 beat Broadway CC 150/8 by 183 runs

The 2010 season kicked off yesterday with one of the biggest mis-matches in Broadway CC history.

Expecting to play the Old Rutlishian's Sunday 2nd XI, described as a social, medium/weak side by a fixture secretary who would be better suited to being Nick Clegg's press secretary, Broadway turned up full of the joys of spring. However, Broadway would soon find out, that due to the oppo's first team game being cancelled, they were playing their Surrey Trust League team instead.

Broadway bowled and fielded well, but with such high quality on display they really had no chance of making a game of it, such was the difference between the sides! The two Old Rut's openers both smashed hundreds in an unbroken first wicket stand of 206, which is a record partnership for the 1st wicket against the club, and the 2nd highest for any wicket, of all time, behind the 220 run partnership scored by Friendly in 1993!

Thankfully both openers retired, but the next two were pretty handy as well, and took the score to over 300 before the demon spin of "The Note" took the only wicket to fall, caught behind. Old Rut's went on to score 333/1 - another record, eclipsing the Carshalton & Croydon Gas CC total of 303/6 in 2003. All bowlers were put to the sword by the relentless batsmen who showed no sign of giving up or taking it easy - thankfully this wasn't a test match as we'd probably still be bowling now.

In reply, despite facing a total that would be out of the reach of even the Chennai Super Kings, Paul Trewin wasn't hanging around and made a dashing 27, including two huge sixes, one top edged so high over fine leg that it flirted with the cloud of volcanic ash from Eyjafjallajokull which is still clogging the stratosphere, before being bowled by the young opener with the penultimate ball of his spell.

Liam also impressed, as he did in the nets over the winter, smacking a number of boundaries in his 24, before he was run out. Tellingly the bowling attack was also of League standard, but credit to the MFB for batting out the 40 overs to end on 150/8 at the close. Not quite a record defeat, but a total waste of time!


2009 Match Reports


Written by Ian Thurman

An eventful week saw 4 different opposition lined up for the Sunday. First Lewisham & Kings Hospital (dropped for wanting us to pay £110 for their pitch), second Ealing Wanderers (subsequently dropped on distance to ground Chiswick) thirdly Bard Hill which turned into  Crofton (Bardhill were meant to be playing Croton but couldn't raise a side so they fixed us up with Crofton). It all got confusing and I for one expected Fitz to ring from Chiswick asking where we all were. But no, we all turned up at sunny Sidcup CC.  

What a treat it was for me  - no 15 minute walk lugging my kit to Welling to wait for a 20 min bus ride then another 15 min trek through some dodgy council estate to Mayday Gdns. Just a nice journey to Sidcup CC. One of the best private grounds you will find. Decent proper working showers, (unlike our crap ones) a pitch as flat as a dining table (unlike our windswept north face of the Eiger), surroundings reminiscent of the countryside (unlike our 1930's council housing backdrop). And a bar with proper bitter not fizzy keg stuff like our ground. (Thought I'd mention this in case Paul, Adrian, Colin, read this.)

Anyway BCC won the toss and with highest temperature of the year batting first was the obvious thing to do. Shaw and Triggs found mediocre bowling and fielding to their liking and it was all going well. Shaw first to another good 50 which included a trademark quality backfoot cover drive for 4 (when will this man win his first BCC trophy).

Triggs again got into the frightening forties, desperate to get a maiden 50 he managed it comfortably - 110 odd for 0 after 20 over's - looking good!! Shaw out to a tired shot let in Michaels who again methodically hit the bowling to all parts as expected. Triggs out for 57 received a standing ovation on his return and let in Lloyd. Bish bash bosh, a cracking 6 from Lloyd over mid-wicket the highlight, a bit more bish bash bosh when the skipper P Trewin came in for Lloyd and some sledging from the oppo keeper over non-given LBW decisions ensued. Another 50 for  Michaels was racked up, an innings notable for 2 shots  - big straight drive for 6 and a horrible cross bat slog that had him caught on the off side! 

With wickets in hand a rush for quick runs ensued and risks were taken and sacrifices made searching for a 250+ score. The final ball of the innings saw Walsh stave off a hatrick and we ended on a very healthy 242 for 6. However not knowing the oppos batting strength and on a very good batting strip it was always difficult to know what a winning score was.

After an excellent tea with chunky carrot cake we took to the field in confidence. Walsh opened with a good pacy 4 over spell bowling the opener for 0. Looking good! The #3 wanted to slog everything and Walsh took the edge when still on 0 however, Michaels keeping wicket today, spilled the catch - 69 runs later Mant had the #3 bowled. Hmmm.

Thurman's opening spell at the other end had managed to keep runs down with little troubling the batsmen on this true pitch. Mant and Hamilton change bowlers interspersed good with the bad and the score kept ticking over. After 20 overs 100 odd on the board and only 2 wickets down things looked more finely balanced than we (I) anticipated! The oppo batting strength was in direct contrast to their fielding and bowling. A touch of Dr Sick & Mr Note! Their early middle order cracked on and all the bowlers suffered except for Walsh's comeback spell which although economical couldn't force a breakthrough. Thurman now bowling into a low blinding sun was hit about and the batsmen were scoring freely, quite a lot freely in Murdoch's case. We were convinced Murdoch had broken Langford's record of conceding most runs in a bowling spell -  77? off 8 overs  - this later gave us something to laugh about. However Langford's record remained intact by only a couple of runs or half a smidgeon to be technical.  

Mid-innings our concentration was temporarily halted by the deafening drunken shouting of 2 women (one more than the other tho') The shouting evolved into pushing and shoving which developed into a girly cat fight with lots more screaming and glasses crashing about. It took a couple of non-combatant blokes 2-3 minutes to decide the mouthy one should be restrained - she wasn't too pleased about that. Eventually calm resumed after the mouthy woman was taken off in a car somewhere. It was the Isle of Wight bus journey all over again!

Liam - best not bring your girlfriends to the cricket in future!! 

The game was looking lost when the oppo keeper ?  with the Chanderpaul stance was plumb LBW walking across his stumps - their umpire for reasons unknown declined to agree. The worst decision I can ever recall given against my bowling. Who were they to accuse us of cheating !!

Despite Gladwin brought into the attack late on and Hamilton saved for another day the game was won by Crofton from 2 wides  with 3-4 overs to spare and 6-7 wkts in hand.

Simon mentioned later the oppo were completely unfazed by their own inept fielding presumably confident in the knowledge that their batsmen would blast the runs. And on the best batting wicket we are likely to play on all season this was to be the case. Their middle order was good and played technically correct shots with power and placement. 

Still the positives to take out of this game were - Triggs excellent maiden 50, another 50 each for Shaw and Michaels. Surely it was going to be jug city Arizona in the bar ! Finishing up with our Man of the Match selection resulted in Simon Triggs winning the vote a maiden 50 and excellent work in the field - no monetary value is attached to this prize tho!



Broadway CC vs Ash CC - Sunday 17th May 2009

Written by Paul Trewin

The long awaited first home game was upon us and despite the weather most of the boys arrived early to set up and take advantage of the nets before we got underway.

The use of the nets are proving to be more than useful as it gets everyone warmed up and raring to go, much better than trying to practice at Waring Park where the only skill to be mastered was avoiding the dog shit, anyway on to the game.

 Ade won the toss, yes that's right he did! and decided that we would have a bat first, Chris and Simon ( that's the short fat one in case Ian is reading this) put on 15 for the first wicket before Chris was caught, Rory was next in and once again proved how much he loves playing against Ash as he and Simon ( that's the short fat one in case Ian is reading this) set about building a solid partnership while the rest of us sat and froze in the artic conditions. With the score on 111 Simon (the short fat one in case Ian is reading this) was eventually out for 42, poor Simon really suffers in the nervous 40's.

Paul was next in and after bragging about batting in the same spot as KP was all set to build another partnership with Rory who had just passed yet another 50 for Broadway, unfortunately the flying Scotsman was soon stumped, this meant it was now the turn of The Note who was making a rare appearance as The Arsenal were away, a quick 10 was made before he was run out attempting to push the score on. With overs running out Ade (23 n.o.) and Paul 13n.o.) set about the bowling and despite the wind and the rain a quick 33 was added leaving the MFB on 159/4.

Thankfully tea was waiting for us and after we'd scoffed down all the chips and cakes we were ready to take the field. Fitz and Liam opened the bowling and despite not taking any wickets the bowling was really tight and Ash were soon behind the run rate, next up were Tony and Darryl and the breakthrough was made courtesy of a run out with the score on 15, this was followed by a stubborn partnership of 49 before Steve Tanner on his comeback made a breakthrough, this proved to be decisive as wickets fell regularly with both Steve and Liam claiming 3 each and a wicket apiece for Darryl, Adrian and Tony, Ash were all out for 96 in the 34th over.

A game played in a really good spirit in really lousy conditions had finished as both teams left the field in search of a well earned beer or two although the Broadway boys proved the circus was missing its clowns as we attempted to board up the score hut, I think it'll take us a few weeks to master that one.

In the biggest scandal since Arthur Fowler nicked the Christmas money in Eastenders Mr. Trewin won the football card, Police say they are looking into this and intend to press charges this week! 

Spelthorne Melrose CC Vs. Broadway CC - 10 May 2009

Written by Darryl Murdoch

After the win over Shooters the previous Sunday confidence was high in the Broadway camp for the trip to Addington, the only slight snag was the fact we only had nine players confirmed to play. Would this mean a mate of a mate playing in tracksuit bottoms for the MFB or would we have to rely on 'Five catches' Phil again?

No, was the answer as Ian's quest for a new suit led him to Scope and the man known as Spanner was persuaded to return to the ranks. Luckily for us, Carlton Sports lack of facilities meant they had nowhere to park the caravan for the weekend and Jones was able to return to his rightful place in the Broadway side, so with a full strength side, we waited with baited breath for a chance to tear into the 'longest tail since prehistoric times!'

After confirming the game earlier in the week with the Addington fixture secretary, all looked good to go, however at 4pm on Friday, I checked my e-mails and found to my horror that they couldn't get a team out! No phone call had warned me of this, so it looked like another cricket-less week for us! However, I was not prepared to give up, and after half an hour or so and a call to the Cricket Conference, I managed to sort out a fixture in darkest Surrey against Spelthorne Melrose!

My next job was to ensure that the boys could get there and we would have a full side, everyone got back to me straight away except of course Fitz, who despite having two mobiles, found it impossible to answer either and left me sweating. Eventually MOO confirmed he had spoken to the big man, and everything was sorted.

So the game...

After picking up Lord Michaels and Trewin we set off in the Astra of Doom for Sunbury-on-Thames. Chat in the car included Michaels confirming he prefers to keep wicket to fielding like everyone else, and that not being captain still hurts even after three years! Better make sure you take your catches behind the stumps then...

Everyone arrived at the ground ready to rumble, except of course Hamilton and Thurman who were predictably late, and also had their phones off! Bonnie lost the toss again and we were told to field, great 2 men down! The oppo were good about it and waited 10 minutes or so before Fitz's passion wagon pulled into the carpark.

Bonnie opened the bowling in his 200th game for the club, looking to cap it with his 100th wicket. It became quite obvious that it was in fact another record he was after, one he already owns...the assault on the 'Most runs conceded' record was on!

Fitz, however at the other end looked to continue his impressive start to the campaign and picked up their number 2 and 3 cheaply early on. Ade decided he was better off looking at the low flying planes and replaced himself with Murdoch, who struck first ball to dismiss Mr Peake for 4.

This brought the SMCC skipper to the crease and after a shaky start, he started to find his feet and along with opener Bourne they steadied the ship and put the Broadway attack on the back foot. MOO and Murdoch bowled well and piled the pressure on the Spelthorne skipper and his young accomplice. Together they extracted three edges to the wicket-keeper, however Keano couldn't hang on and they survived.

With Murdoch's overs completed for a return of 8-1-27-1 and the Old Man tiring in the Surrey sun, Bonnie unleashed the most feared man in South Norwood on the poor, unspecting batsmen! Spanner was back! A couple of overs to find his rythym, and the Scope Seamer was back to his best, taking a couple of wickets and putting Broadway back in the game.

Thurman and Hamilton returned to the attack and using all of their 100+ years experience two more wickets fell, the only thorn in the side of Bonnie's boys was the opposition captain, who was still at the crease. Although his second spell was arguably worse than his first, Bonnie sensing rabbit for tea, brought himself back on and eventually picked up his 100th MFB wicket, this was quickly followed by his 101st and the SMCC innings was done and dusted, 209 for 9 was their final total, 112 of them being scored by the not out skipper, if only we'd taken our chances early on!

Tea was nice, sarnies, sausage rolls and donuts all round. After a long while out of the Broadway ranks, Spanner was wondering who would be opening the innings. After guessing "Chris and Ian? Paul and Chris and Ian and Paul" he was still not right...who could it be thought Mr Gladwin...luckily we had Ian to clear up the mystery! "Chris is opening, and the short fat one!!!"

Murdoch, thinking his batting practice in the nets had paid dividends, headed to pad up, however was stopped in his tracks when it was revealed that MOO was talking about Broadway's batsman of the year - Simon Triggs!!!

So, 'The Short Fat One' and Chris strode out to start the MFB run chase. Both batted well and a decent opening stand of 38 in 9 overs looked to stand Broadway in good stead for the battle ahead. Chris flashed wildly at a wide one (not Simon) and was then clean bowled next up, another 32 were added before 'TSFO' was given out LBW by Spanner for 18. This brought Michaels to the crease, keen to make up for his missed chances behind the stumps, his partner - Nick Berry's No 1 fan.

Together they added another 38 runs before Jones went for a big shot, the SMCC skipper, not content with smashing 112 not out earlier in the day sprinted after Jones' lofted drive and took a spectacular catch to dismiss the former Broadway skipper for a well made 30. Michaels was then joined by a nervous Lloyd, who after attempting first to steal a cigarette from an empty box which wasn't even ours, and nicking a couple from Murdoch, attempted to get the innings back on track.

Unfortunately for him, the bowlers were in no mood to oblige and after taking 20 minutes to get off the mark, was dismissed by Mr Owen for 10, the asking rate was now above nine an over. Vice skipper Trewin was next in, and despite hitting his first ball for 2, played on to Kennard and was gone for 2. MOO launched one in search of quick runs and was caught at mid-on, also for 2.

Bonnie, feeling his day couldn't get any worse was next in, the asking rate now over 10! A 14 minute cameo followed, including 3 fours and a massive 6, which put the MFB back in with a shout - still a tough ask though! His running between the wickets wasn't as impressive as Michaels ran two whilst Bonnie stayed in his crease to the dismay of his Lordship. Ade was eventually caught behind for 21 and Spanner, who promised to dance down the wicket came to the crease. With 12 needed from two balls, Adam launched on over mid on, but it fell short of the 6 required, and after hitting the last ball for 2, Broadway's chase was over, only six runs short of victory. A cracking match, played in the right spirit I'm sure you'd all agree.

On to the bar, where Adam was voted man of match for his 59 not out, possibly not for his 3 dropped catches behind the stumps! Broadway were left wondering what might have been if we'd taken those chances, scored more quickly in the middle of our innings, or perhaps that the skipper was on one of the planes that he spent most of the day admiring!

Shootershill2001 CC Vs. Broadway CC - 03 May 2009


Written by Colin Mant

11:40am, the phone rings, "Hello mate, Adam here". Christ, it must be cricket season! "Me and Dan will be there in about 20 minutes, fancy coming down to the net?" Bloody hell, I hadn't even showered! Arrival at the ground saw Daniel netting with some confidence and Adam chucking, no pun intended, some down at him. Adam had already been in the net and smacked 300 runs! With the Broadway gathering and the banter beginning to fly, it was already feeling like home.

Billed as an away game, the opening match of Broadway's campaign had the added spice of playing the landlords. How would our house warming go?

Stand in skipper Paul Trewin carried on the fine tradition of losing the toss, and it looked a good call when opposite number John Garrett put the Broadway in on a greenish track. The overhead conditions always looked to favour the bowlers and Simon Triggs and Daniel Lloyd were sent in to repel the opening salvos. A good start was made, Dan making more headway as Liam observed of Triggs, "Why doesn't he bat like he does in the nets?" Shortly afterwards, Triggs copped it, playing on, and was followed quickly back to the pavilion by Lloyd - unluckily - after his vicious cover drive was taken smartly by the Shoots skipper low down.

With the innings on 23 for 2 and more than a few over's down, it looked grim. But Rory and Adam steadied the ship with some classy shot making putting on a partnership of 87 before MacNeill was bowled with the score on 110, still work to do.

With Adam in full flow, KP Trewin tried to bully the bowling, but was snaffled flashing his blade by the 'keeper with a great catch. But a valuable 48 had been added. Thurman was then run out after his bat dug in the ground short of his crease by the Wicket Keeper who was standing back a mile. Murdoch slotted into the all rounder role at 7, watched avidly by Mrs Murdoch to be, Emma, and added 8 runs with a confident little knock. Fitz came on with 1 ball to go; made a song and dance of making sure he got a middle stump guard and then missed the ball by a mile. Classic. 174 for 6 off our 40 overs. Very decent.

Tea.......CHIPS! Try this - take an Egg Mayo Sandwich, pop in some Chips, hey presto! Egg and Chip Sarnie.....sort of. Anyway.....more Mant recipes through the season - not!

Liam and Ian were tossed the 'new ball' as the old one had been knackered by Adam's fearsome assault on it and the Shoots reply was started. Both bowled well but no breakthrough was made. On came Fitz and Darryl and eventually the bowlers discipline paid off, with opener Mr Witham steepling one in the direction of Triggs and Dan. The ball soared upwards and Triggs swayed in the breeze, this way and that way, old style Kung Fu master Drunken Monkey........we all prepared our commiserations.......the hands clutched and the ball stuck!! A fantastic catch and already a contender for catch of the season.

Such things can inspire. Catches stuck, Michaels took a peach at extra cover, Liam got in the action to get his campaign on a third Fielder of the Year award in row going and Mant took a looper at Gully. Three wickets without adding a run and we were now in the driving seat, but we knew we had work to do as Garrett Jnr could easily put the Shoots back on track.

Mr Garrett attacked the bowling from the start, quickly blasting a couple of fours. And then a bizarre 3 balls, Fitz delivered and JG appeared to pop the ball back to Fitz' hands. Half of us celebrated, the umpire and Mr Garrett remained unmoved. Bump ball. Fitz rapped the pads next, OWAZZZAT, he growled, not out, but for Fitz' standards - bearing in mind he appealed earlier for an LB off of the openers' glove - it was tight. And then, Fitz' new delivery, which shall be known as 'The Floater', arrived into cricket folklore. I haven't seen anything like it since Mrs Minge, the non dart player half of the duo, barely made the board with such a throw on 'Bullseye'. My daughter has thrown her dolly further, but it produced a leg side stumping by Rory and Mr Garrett was gone. "That was my slower delivery" exclaimed Fitz. Glad you told us, we had no way of knowing! 3 wickets for Fitz and 2 for Darryl had beached the Shoots, both bowling fantastic spells.

Mr Mant and Mr Arpino joined the party and mopped up the middle order and tail. Tony bowled really well and returned figures of 3 for 15 off of 4.5 overs and was a hot contender for the man of the match vote - which I started in the bar but will probably never be done again! I bowled okay, but it was Tony's advice - "Bowl it straight" - that helped me produce two wickets. That works then, must try that again.

Tony rattled the wood and it was all over. Like an uninvited guest who's seen a party advertised on Facebook, the Broadway crashed the house warming, shat in the rubber plant, tore up the carpet and drank all the booze. Victory by 93 runs. Marilyn the Shoots scorer was not generous towards her troops.

Champagne moments: Fun was had with the cradle during our innings; Paul throwing the ball into my shin from a foot away was pretty special; Fitz' 'Floater', a legal ball or shit - you decide! Rory and Adam's batting, superb, and Triggs' Drunken Monkey catch.

Chatting to Simon afterwards he reflected, "I think we're going to like it here". I think we might Mr Triggs. Man of the Match? The mighty Fitzroy.


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