Psyche yourselves to inspirational performances with my

 Motivational Music 


Its been a while since something new was added so lets hope this works !!


 An educational piece of music that should be taught as part of the National Curriculum in ALL schools.


DONT even think of not playing this right through. Its very diverse better than any rap produced today

 THE MOTHERS live at the Filmore East NY 1971



 Peter Green - plays the Supernatural


Am I drinking enough by Mad Dog Mcrea






 At the PILOT pub in Exmouth who recognises this sound ?

 The Legendary Stardust Cowboy  -   OR the old guy in the Pilot pub Exmouth LOL


The Action with a great 60s sound - Love is all 



 Well this Motivational Music really works - some inspired performances on tour !


  To inspire us all on our Tour to Exmouth and the SW Premier league clubs of Sidmouth etc  These should do the trick .


 Mick farren & the Deviants

 Half price drinks

 Drunk in the Morning


 Count Bishops with Someones gonna get their head kicked in tonight


 Broadway Sounds

Jake Bugg with Just Gimme the Love

 David Guetta with  Lovers of the Sun


 Bob n Bobs cars $9.99 with Harry Enfield

 Alex langfords bat sponsor - CONNIE CAHOOTS


 KENT with 400 Slag


First Aid Kit with Silver lining 


To inspire our first visit down to Leigh CC  here's a selection for you.

and what a result we had !!!

 Jake Bugg with Gimme the love

 Our very own "Broadway Sounds" - with Sing it again

Rossmore Road  by Barry Andrews

BCC dancing on tour - decends into disorder LOL


 Viente callejiero - featuring the nutter on the cheese grater !


More  Viente callejero


This one is for Captain Ade

 Meat Pie Sausage Roll (substitute Millwall for England)


The Mighty Lemon Drops with Like an Angel


Feel you latin rhythms with

Chicha Dust with Como un Ave  


What better to end the season than with these -


You ought to be in Pictures


Roses of Picardy


 On the road to Manderlay


 Tatsfield better have their tin hats with them this Sunday !!


 The Stokes -Hard to Explain


 Kathryn Roberts & Sean  Lakeman - Standing at my Window

 The Wolfe Tones - Skibbereen



Two wins on the trot sees us on a roll - have a listen to the latest selections - to sort out Dulwich CC (Development XI) Here we go -

Oops - obviously the lack of music here was the reason for a poor batting display last week. I take full responsibility.



Shootershill2001 CC next up to be shot down.

Terry Reid with Bang Bang  -    Bang Bang

 Rosco Levee was playing Neptunes Hall pub Broadstairs during this weeks "Folk WeeK " at Broadstairs (it all goes on there!) -  Mean woman blues

One of my vids from last years Folk Week in the Tartar Frigate pub - Triality with Nottingham Miner

 Warwick Rapper and Triality 2013 Folk Week -Warwick rapper



 A bit or Mariachi music Hugh Cornwall Golden Brown

  Crosby, Stills & Nash with - Almost cut my Hair

  Coming into Los Angeles  by Arlo Gutherie



 Seeing as its Glastonbury time what better than a bumper collection of a few good oldies from past years - 


Florence & the Machine 2010 - You got the Love

The stupendous    Bloc Party - 2009 Two more Years  

The Editors - Papillon 2010

Faithless - 2010 - We Come One  


 The Levellers with - One Way



 To commemorate the bi-centenary of the  Battle of Waterloo here's - 

Martin Carthy with  -   18th of June

 The Doves with  Kingdom of Rust

 and the cheery Rev Gary Davis with   Death dont have no mercy


 As we are off to DEEPEST DARKEST KENT this Sunday  AND to celebrate Captain Ades 250th match for Broadway what better than --


 Ade (AKA Tyler ) does the ice tub challenge


 MUD - Tiger feet (Ades fav)


 KENT - 400 Slag



Maybe some medieval spiritual music is what we need - give them a chance !!


Very inspiring and meditative 

 Chant of the Templars - a bit darker this one 



To celebrate winning the opening game of 2015 how about a triple bill of Arthur Brown renditions released in the last 10 years - the man's still got it !!  Love that organ sound .

Time captives by Arthur Brown & Hawkwind

 Kites by Arthur Brown

Green Manalishi by Arthur Brown 



 Dust off your 6 shooters and get ready for Priory CC !!


David Guetta 

Co Co & the Butterfields 

  Low  by Co Co & the butterfields



 To commemorate Rory losing his finest tartan cricket troosers here's a a few renditions of "Donald where's ma troosers" . Which is best - you decide.

 The Dutch Lemmings are very good i think.


Dutch Lemmings -




 Couldn't be a Fisher -



 To celebrate Alex Langfords hatrick (youngest BCC player ever to achieve this feat) what better than -


 Blown Away by  Carrie Underwood    (at  The Grand Ole Opry House) -


Wipeout by  Fat Boys & The Beach Boys --


 and finally the best ref I could find with hat trick conotations - the ending is very good !!!

 Connie Cahoots - 




Some celebratory music and comedy after our fine win last week v Ad Hocs CC.


A good bit of comedy helps too - Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse sell cars for $99.99 down !


Nazareth  - with Morning Dew


Blind Faith  with Sea of Joy 



 Rory Gallagher's - Cant believe its true You can see why he was was once voted by Melody Maker readers as best guitarist in the world !!

A good bit of comedy helps too - Harry Enfield & Paul Whitehouse sell cars for $99.99 down !
Henrik Schwarz live at the Boiler Room Berlin
start from 2mins 30 secs

As the Stones are the talk of the town right now , how about "Gimme Shelter"
Of the same era The Who and the spine tingling "Young Man Blues"
While we're talking of Isle of Wight what better than a Woodstock classic
Richie Havens (recently departed) with another spine tingling song - Freedom
Talking of Freedom what better to end on the Edgar Boughton band classic

The Seeds  - 900 million people daily (all making love)
The Sensational Alex Harvey Band with  - Next (reminds me of last sundays game)
Some comedy from Shadwell
History Today from Baddiel & Skinner
Richard hell & the Voidoids with - Blank Generation
Kilburn & the High Roads - with Roadette Song
Stiff Little Fingers with Johnny Was (play from 3.18 mins onwards)
The Count Bishops with - Someone's gonna get their head kicked in

I believe what we have this week may be considered a medley - All Along the Watchtower" which is best - you decide.
Jimi Hendrix
Spirit (with the magnificent Randy California)
Dave Mason

These  three will see  off Nuxley CC -  
Barry McGuire  - On the Eve of Destruction-
Ray Davies  - London Song
Paul Wine Jones - Stop arguing over me


Here's something to make you think of summer -

Eliza Macrthy - with Country Life

Hang on to your hats  - there 's more to come !!