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Sept 30th  v  Holborough Anchorians CC, Away, 35 overs, Tie

Broadway CC  107/9 (Kai Nye 27)
Holborough A CC 107 (Ian Thurman 4 for 32)
  • A new record for the latest in a calendar year that Broadway have played, but only just. We once played on Sept 29 (in 1990) at Meopham
  • The 5th tie in club history and first for 7 year
  • A 32nd fourfor for Ian

Sept 16th  v  Beechwood CC, Away, Time game, Draw
Broadway CC  207/9 (Jake Fossey 57, Simon Triggs 42, Alex Langford 36, Adrian Langford 34)
Beechwood CC 188/2
  • Jake’s 4th fifty
  • Having scored 33* v Cowdrey CC in August, Alex improved his 2nd best score to 36, but still one short of his best

September 9th  v  Cobham CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 6 wickets
Broadway CC 170/9 (Rory MacNeill 52*, Steve Purcell 51, Sam Corden 5 for 28)
Cobham CC  171/4 from 33.5 overs
  • Double old codger fifty alert. It wasn’t enough to win the game but Steve & Rory rescued our innings. Steve came in with the score 3 for 2 and Rory at 58 for 6.
  • Batting at number 8, Rory’s 47th fifty during which he became the second player (after Adam) to reach 8000 runs
  • Steve’s 2nd fifty, equalling his personal best of 51* v Addington 1743 CC at Coombe Lodge in 2008

September 2nd  v  Tatsfield Village CC, Home, 35 overs, Lost by 12 runs
Tatsfield Village CC  144 (Luke Constable 4 for 36, Dan Lloyd 3 for 18)
Broadway CC   132/9 (Adam Michaels 44)
  • New personal best bowling figures for Luke beating the 3 for 26 he took v Cobham CC at Orpington in 2016
  • Dan’s second best bowling figures, three months after his logic defying 5 for 3 against the same oppo in the away game at Tatsfield
August 5th  v  Cowdrey CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 4 wickets
Cowdrey CC   223/5 (Ben Seaton 4 for 28)
Broadway CC  224/6 from 29.4 overs (Sam Clarkson 100 retired, Alex langford 33*, Luke  Constable 26)
  • The highest team totals of the season so far, for and agains
  • We scored at over 7.5 runs per over
  • Sam Clarkson’s 2nd Broadway century, following another score of exactly 100 v Orpington last year. He’s the 4th player to score more than one century for the club. Adam Michaels (8), Rory macNeill (3) and Ian Thurman (3) are the others
  • There were a couple of things I couldn’t work out in the scoring so I’m not certain how many balls Sam faced, but I’m estimating it as 66 which makes it the 3rd fastest Broadway ton
  • Alex’s 2nd highest score, 4 short of his best
  • And for the second successive game, all bowlers’ wickets were taken by ringers
July 8th v Dulwich Development XI CC, Home, 35 overs, Lost by 26 runs
Dulwich Dev XI CC  165 (Dylan Robertson 3 for 14)
Broadway CC    139 (Liam Smith 36, Rob DeAllie 34, Daniel Kenwood 33)


July 1st v Norwood CC, Home, 40 overs, Game conceded by Norwood CC
Norwood CC    221/8 (Ian Thurman 4 for 39)
Broadway CC 219/8 from 39.4 overs (Liam Smith 42, Andrew McVean 32, Liam Walsh 31)
  • We'd played Norwood once before, in 1999. It might be a similar gap to the next game
  • The game was conceded by Norwood (i.e. they stormed off the pitch) after an appeal for a catch was turned down off the third last ball with us needing 3 to win with 2 wickets left. This followed an earlier furore over another unsuccessful appeal for a catch
  • Statto arrived just after 6pm, expecting to catch the final few overs. Actually, the game ended at 8:40. Their innings had apparently taken about 3.5 hours. I've no idea why
  • There was one previous Broadway game that ended similarly, v Hackney Marshes at Waring Park in 2007. Hackney walked off halfway through their innings. I don't remember it that well, but I think the acrimony was as much amongst their team as it was between them and us. The game ended when one of their batsman was out hit wicket, although if I remember rightly he deliberately smashed his own stumps. Several of you played in that game (Rory, Steve, Adam, Simon, Darryl & Fitz) and might remember more
  • Apart from all that, Ian took his 31st fourfor.
June 24th v Brasted & Sundridge CC, Home, 30 overs, Lost by 5 wickets
Broadway CC  126/8 (Rob D'Allie 35, Simon Triggs 33*, Adam Michaels 32)
Brasted & Sundridge CC  127/5 from 28.1 overs
Nothing more to tell you about that game.
June 10th v Carlton Sports CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 5 wickets
Broadway CC    150 (Liam Walsh 37, Adam Michaels 27, Kevin Bishop 5 for 22)
Carlton Sports CC   151/5 from 38.1 overs
  • Our 21st game against Carlton, equalling our total v Exel. The only team we have played more (a whacking 44 times) is Shootershill2001 CC. At one stage we had six wins to Carlton's one, but they've now gone ahead 9-8
  • Liam's highest score since 2014

June 3rd v Tatsfield Village CC, Away, 35 overs, Won by 44 runs
Broadway CC   120  (Adam Michaels 65)
Tatsfield Village  CC   76  (Dan Lloyd 5 for 3)
  • Tatsfield is a bit like the Twilight Zone. Previous bizarre occurrences at the ground have included Colin Mant hitting a six and me getting somebody out hit wicket. And now, something we thought and hoped would never happen, a fivefor for Dan. This trashes his previous best bowling figures of 2 for 5 away to Holborough Anchorians last year and are the best figures by anyone since Jeet Jaiswal took 6 for 9 v Newington at Bobbing Court in 2016.
  • More predictably, a 76th fifty for Adam. And in the course of it, he became the first Broadway player to reach 9000 runs.

May 27th v Catford & Cyphers CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 9 runs
C&C 154 (Jake Fossey 3 for 19, Ian Thurman 3 for 29, Alex Langford 3 for 38)
Broadway CC 145/9 (Rob D'Allie 42)
  • A good effort after we were 23/4 with batsmen 2 to 5 all out for duck
  • Ringer Joel Berry became the 250th person to play for Broadway

May 13th v Limpsfield Chart CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 2 wickets
Limpsfield Chart CC 154/8 (Adrian Langford 4 for 23, Ian Thurman 3 for 32)
Broadway CC 157/8 from 39.2 overs (Dan Lloyd34, Rob D'Allie 26)
  • Adrian's 4th fourfor and his best figures since he took his personal best of 5 for 11 v LESSA/Aquilla at Mayday Gardens in 2009




September 17th v Beechwood CC, Away, Time game, Won by 7 wickets

Beechwood CC 73
BCC 74/3 (Joe Stringer 33)
  • Our 10th game against Beechwood since we started playing them in 2005. The record is 2 wins, 5 defeats and 3 draws.

  • This fixture has a reputation for low scores. This time it was Bechwood's turn to suffer but we were bowled out for 68 by them in both 2013 and 2016.

  • Simon Triggs went past Dave Tanner's career total of 2647 runs to become our all-time 8th highest run scorer


September 10th v Cobham CC, Away, 35 overs, Abandoned

BCC 189/4 (Adam Michaels 83, Rory MacNeill 37)
Cobham CC 138/5 from 21.1 overs
  • Adam's 75th fifty

  • Following on from Rob de Allie & Matthew Abbett v Greenheath, a second successive century opening partnership. Adam & Rory put on 149, the second highest opening stand ever (the record is 166 by Ian Thurman & Rory v Lee Working Men's Club in 1990) and the 8th highest partnership for any wicket.

  • Adam & Rory became the first pair to make 4 century partnerships for the club. Three pairs have made 3: Adam & Simon Triggs, Adam & Duncan McCourt and Rory & Gary Jones.


August 20th v Greenheath CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 104 runs

BCC 260/3 (Matthew Abbett 102 ret, Rory MacNeill 42*, Rob deAllie 42, Simon Triggs 28)
Greenheath CC 156/4
  • An extraordinary innings by Matthew Abbett (a work colleague of Luke Constable's) who retired in the 17th over after reaching his 100.

  • Unfortunately, there were a couple of places where the scoring was unclear, so I can't tell exactly how many balls he faced but it was somewhere between 49 and 53. I'm going to be cautious and say 53 but even that smashes the club record for the fastest 100 (previously 65 balls by Adam Michaels v Eden Park in 2007).

  • He hit 6 sixes, one short of the club record shared by Adam and Dave Tanner

  • He scored 22 from one over (0,6,2,4,4,6) equalling the 2nd highest in club history. The record, one of the oldest in the book, is 26 by Mick Tanner and Rob Caridad v Nat West Messengers in 1983. Matthew, with help from Rob de Allie, then took 21 off the next but one over.

  • It was the 3rd Broadway century of the season, all by ringers

  • Matthew & Rob put on 135 for the first wicket before Matthew retired

  • And 260 was the equal 4th biggest team score ever and our highest since 2010


July 30th v Shootershill2001 CC, Away, 35 overs, Lost by 110 runs

SH 171/4 (H Mudhar 104)
BCC 61
  • Our lowest total since Vishwa bowled us out for 57 in 2011

  • Fitzroy Hamilton's 200th game. He's the 13th player to reach this landmark


July 23rd v Kemsing CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 5 wickets

Kemsing CC 106/7 (Hayden Alcock 3 for 13)
BCC 108/5 from 26.1 overs (Adam Michaels 70)
  • Adam's 74th fifty

  • Luke Constable reached 500 runs for the club


July 16th v Orpington CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 1 wicket

Orpington CC 180/8 (Adrian Langford 3 for 16)
BCC 182/9 from 36.4 overs (Sam Clarkson 56, Andrew Lessey 25)
  • The 9th one wicket win in our history and the first for 10 years

  • Adrian's best bowling figures since 2009


July 9th v FMW CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 3 wickets

FMW CC 196/8 (Tony Arpino 4 for 36, Rory MacNeill 4 stumpings)
BCC 198/7 from 39.3 overs (Rob 58, Hayden Alcock 46*, Luke 29)



  • Rob's 1st Broadway fifty in his 2nd innings for the club

  • It looked like we were heading for defeat at 125/7, but Hayden and Alex then put on an unbroken 73 for the 8th wicket

  • A great guest appearance from Tony: the 13th time he's taken 4 or more wickets in an innings and his best bowling figures for 25 years.

  • Tony now has 311 wickets for the club and has gone past Dave Tanner's 310. That makes Tony our 3rd highest wicket taker behind Ian Thurman (638) and Glenn Hunt (528).

  • Rory equalled his club record of 4 stumpings in a match, previously achieved v Carlton Sports in 2001

June 25th, v Orpington, Home, 40 overs, Won by 4 runs

BCC 237 (Sam Clarkson, 100, Adam Michaels 38, Andrew Lessey 27, Joseph Lane 5 for 47)
Orpington CC 233/8 (Alex Graham 100)


  • Sam made a century in his second Broadway innings; his first was a golden duck

  • Brother Ben had made a century (and the record individual score) for us earlier this season. They are the first brothers to score centuries for the club.

  • Sam also scored a century against us for Orpington in 2015. He's the 2nd player after Gary Jones to score tons for and against us.

  • Sam & Adam put on 141 for the 1st wicket


June 11th v Carlton Sports CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 9 wickets

BCC 172/8 (Simon Triggs 52, Adam Michaels 33, Liam walsh 31*)
Carlton Sports CC 173/1 from 32.2 overs (Kushi Muhammad 105*)
  • Our 20th game against Carlton Sports. The only teams we've played more are Shootershill2001 (43) and Exel (21). With this defeat we are now level with 8 wins and 8 losses.

  • Simon's 8th fifty

  • After losing an early wicket, Kushi Muhammad and Neil Radburn put on an unbroken stand of 172. This is a new 2nd wicket record against us beating the 147 made by Eldridge & Kingham for Bexley Hospital at Bexley Hospital in 1997.


May 28th v Greenheath CC, Home, 40 overs, Abandoned after 34 overs

BCC 139/7 (James Fotheringham 45*, Rory 25*)


Well, was it a Broadway game or an Orpington game? Apparently both. Which blows a massive hole in the space-time continuum. But never mind ...

May 21st v Dartford CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 15 runs

BCC 206/4 (Ben Clarkson 159*)
Dartford CC 191/9
  • With both Broadway and Orpington unable to raise a team on their own, we took over their fixture with a team that included 7 BCC members and 4 Orpington guests

  • Ben Clarkson set a new record score for the club, beating Adam Michaels 150 v Eden Park at Waring Park in 2007

  • It was one of the most dominant innings ever for Broadway. Ben faced 151 balls (63% of the total), scored 77% of the team total and, excluding extras, 83% of the batsmen's runs.These are probably all records. But there is at least one close rival: when we made our lowest ever score of 25 (v Telegraph in 1983), John Chadwick scored 19 or 76% of the total.

  • Ben hit 25 fours in his record score while his partners managed one between them at the other end

  • Outstanding bowling figures from another Orpington guest: Hayden Alcock took 2 for 8 in his 8 overs

  • Simon Triggs overtook Tony Brandi's career aggregate of 2516 runs to become our all-time 9th highest run scorer

  • Rory macNeill played his 341st game, overtaking Glenn Hunt's total for the club. Rory now has the 3rd highest number of appearances for the club, behind Ian (517) and Chris (399).

  • And our newest member Rob de Allie made his debut. His Broadway player number is 231


May 7th v Holborough Anchorians CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 38 runs

BCC 176/7 (Adam Michaels 37, Simon Triggs 34)
HA 148
  • Steve Purcell became the 9th player to play 250 games for the club

  • Simon Triggs became the 10th player to reach 2500 runs

  • Dan Lloyd reached 1500 runs and recorded his best bowling figures of 2 for 5, the first time in his 13 year career that he's taken two wickets in an innings



April 30th v Shootershill2001CC, Home, Time game, Lost by 9 wickets
BCC   101     (Gary Jones 31, Felix Ursell 5 for 13)
Shootershill2001 CC  104/1

  • A bad start for understrength Broadway (ten men including four guest players)
  • Shooters reached their target in just 13.3 overs. This is not a club record though. Back in 1990 when we made our second lowest score ever of 34, Crayford Dartfordians knocked the runs off in 9.5 overs and we were all back home in time for breakfast.
  • A 31 minute duck from one of our guests, Owen McGeary. A heroic effort, but Steve Kempton's 39 minute club record still stands.



 2017 Season is above

September 11th v Beechwood CC, Away, Time game, Lost by 10 wickets

BCC 68 (Sydney Ferreira 29)
Beechwood CC 71/0
  •  The 3rd ten wicket loss in our history but I'm calling it our worst ever defeat batting first. The whole game lasted just 40.2 overs. The other ten wicket defeats were in 2003 v Grenfell at Footscray Rd (we scored 94, game lasted 51.5 overs) and in 1995 v Skyliners at the Poverest Recreation Ground (we scored 93, game lasted 58.3 overs).
  • And our lowest team score since the corresponding fixture v Beechwood at the end of 2013 when we also scored 68.
  • In between these two debacles, last year's Beechwood match saw one of our closest ever games, the only 1 run defeat in our history.

September 4th v Tatsfield Village CC, Home, 35 overs, Won by 34 runs
BCC 215/9 (Sydney Ferreira 51, Rob Manik 43, Luke Constable 34, Simon Triggs 29)
Tatsfield Village CC 181/7
  • A first Broadway fifty for Sydney, beating his previous best of 41 v Earlswood Strollers CC at Mayday Gardens in 2014

August 28th v Meopham CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 65 runs
 Meopham CC 234/8 (Alex Langford 3 for 63)
BCC 169 (Adam Michaels 46, Gary Jones 41, Adrian Langford 40*)
  • A place in Broadway history for Meopham no 10 Reece Chandler when he hit a two in the final over of their innings. It brought up the 10,000th run conceded by Ian Thurman as a Broadway bowler. Don't expect anyone to equal Ian's achievement anytime soon. It's taken 35 seasons, 517 games and more than 3100 overs. Only two other players have conceded 5000: Glenn Hunt (7815) and Tony Arpino (5563).
  • Ben Stanley and Alex Bryant set a new opposition 5th wicket partnership record of 177 (beating 125* by Todd & Holmes for Nat West at Norbury in 1987). And it's the 5th highest partnership for any wicket against Broadway. Ian tells me Alex is the son of J Bryant who scored a then record oppo score of 140 for Blendon at King George's (Sidcup) in 1996. That remains the 3rd highest individual score against us.
  • And another club first for Ian who took his 150th catch. Actually, he's almost certainly got a few more than that as catches weren't recorded in the club's first two seasons. The only other fielders who have definitely taken 100 are Chris (124) and Adam (107). But there's also Glenn Hunt who took 94 and, like Ian, would probably have taken a few more in our first two years.



August 21st v Greenheath CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 4 wickets

Greenheath CC 190/9  (Alex Langford 3 for 30, John Garrett 3 for 30, Fitz Hamilton 3 for 45)
BCC 194/6 from 39.4 overs    (Gary Jones 73, Rory MacNeill 26)
  • Victory with two balls to spare and revenge for our 1994 defeat in the only previous game between the two sides. Rory was our only survivor from that 1994 game.
  • Our highest successful run chase since 2010
  • Gary's 26th fifty, his first since 2011 and his highest since he scored 74 v Park Hill at Hall Place in 2005

August 14th v Dulwich CC (Development XI), Away, 40 overs, Lost by 2 wickets
BCC 178/6    (Rory MacNeill 48, Gary Jones 44, Freddie Horlock 34)
DD 179/8 from 36.4 overs    (Fitz Hamilton 3 for 38, Jeet Jitenais3 for 39)
  • Freddie's great form continues. He's hit his three highest scores in the last three games. And it would be 4 in 4 if the committee hadn't ruled the last tour game (where he got 29*) out of the stats

August 7th v Global CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 4 wickets

BCC 185/9   (Adam Michaels 53, Freddie Horlock 42)
Global CC 187/6 from 33 overs   (Luke Arpino 3 for 44)

  • BCC old boys to the rescue this week with guest appearances from Tony & Luke Arpino, Gary Jones and, blimey, Mike Trewin playing his first game since 2007
  • Adam's 73rd fifty and second of the season
  • Tony Arpino became the 11th player to score 1500 runs for the club
  • And, almost exactly 16 years after his debut, Fitz hamilton scored his 500th run

July 31st v Nuxley CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 75 runs
BCC 185/8   (Freddie Horlock 52, Luke Constable 42*)
Nuxley CC 110   (Darryl Murdoch 5 for 13, Jeet Jitenais 3 for 22)
  • Freddie's first fifty, beating his previous best of 21 v Shooters Hill last year
  • Also a personal best for Luke, beating his 30* away to Eden Park in 2014
  • Darryl's 6th fivefor. Only Glenn Hunt (18) and Ian (8) have taken more. They were his second best bowling figures, behind the 5 for 8 he took v Isle of Wight Prison Officers on the 2007 tour.
  • Darryl's fivefor also included his 200th wicket for the club. He's the 8th player to reach this landmark.

Three games on our tour to Exmouth, Devon but only the first of them (v Sidmouth CC) is being included in the club stats! Your committee has ruled that the other two should be left out because of the unusual nature of those games. The oppo for the second game (Branscombe Ravens CC) wanted a 30 over match with 3 overs per bowler so everyone got a bowl, and the final game was reduced to 15 overs a side because of rain.

 July 24th v Clyst Hydon CC, 15 overs, Lost by 61 runs

Clyst Hydon CC 183/3
BCC 122/6 (Freddie Horlock 29*)

July 22nd v Branscombe Ravens, 30 overs, Won by 6 wickets
Branscombe Ravens CC  147
BCC 148/4 from 20.? overs (Jake Fossey 29 retired, Sydney Ferreira 28 retired, Adam Michaels 25 retired)

July 21st v Sidmouth CC, 40 overs, Lost by 7 wickets
BCC 203/6 (Jake Fossey 68*, Dan Lloyd 42)
Sidmouth CC 206/3 from 19.4 overs
  • I'm told that Sidmouth's pre-match research went a little awry and they mistook us for a very different Broadway team from the Cotswolds! So our bowlers took a hammering.
  • But a 3rd fifty for Jake and a new personal best beating his 61 v Newington at Sittingbourne last year



 July 10th v Newington CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 14 runs

BCC 173 (Jake Fossey 51)
Newington CC  159 (Sydney Ferreira 4 for 12, Jake Fossey 4 for 30)
  • Broadway's 250th victory
  • Jake's 2nd fifty and his 1st fourfor, the first time he's taken more than one wicket in an innings
  • Jake has now scored 262 runs in his first 6 innings for the club. So he's well on course to break the club record for being fastest to reach 500 runs (Gary Jones in 19 innings).
  • Sydney's 2nd fourfor

July 3rd v Leigh CC, Away, Time game, Won by 8 wickets
Leigh CC76 (Alex Langford 5 for 30, Fitz Hamilton 4 for 9)
BCC 80/2 (Adam Michaels 49*)
  • Our second consecutive 8 wicket win
  • Alex's 1st fivefor and it included his 50th wicket for the club. His previous best was 4 for 12 v Eden Park at Mayday Gardens in 2014.
  • Fitz's 8th fourfor and his best bowling figures since he took 5 for 27 at Tatsfield at the end of 2009
  • At the end of last season, Colin Mant overtook Fitz to become our all-time 6th highest wicket taker. Fitz's fourfor takes him back above Colin (231 to 227).


June 19th v Priory CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 8 wickets
Priory CC 133
BCC 136/2 from 28.3 overs (Adam Michaels 62*, Jake Fossey 44*)
  • Bouncing back from that duck, Adam's 72nd fifty
  • Our newest member, Todd Rodriguez , made his debut. He is player number 222 for Broadway

June 5th v Tatsfield Village CC, Away, 35 overs, Lost by 37 runs
TV 173/9 (Alex langford 3 for 16)
BCC 136 (Dan Lloyd 32)
  • Adrian Langford became the 6th player to score 3000 runs for Broadway
  • Adam Michaels run of 46 consecutive innings without a duck, going back to the start of the 2012 season, ended. It's the equal third longest run in club history.
  • Fitz hamilton took his first wicket since 2012
  • Simon Triggs 150th game


May 29th v Cobham CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 129 runs

BCC 196/6 (Simon 61, Adam Michaels 46, Rory MacNeill 31*)
Cobham CC 67 (Liam Walsh 5 for 6, Luke Constable 3 for 26)

Simon's first game as captain saw his 7th fifty and his first for five years.
Adam & Simon put on 112 for the 1st wicket. They became the 4th pair to have scored 3 century partnerships for the club - the others are Adam & Rory, Adam & Duncan McCourt and Rory & Gary Jones.
Liam returned the best bowling figures for Broadway for nearly 13 years, since Rob Gladwin took 6 for 28 v Camberwell Casuals at Waring Park in 2003. It was Liam's 3rd fivefor and beat his previous best of 5 for 24 v Shooters Hill at Mayday Gardens in 2009.
And also personal best bowling figures for Luke.

  • Simon's first game as captain saw his 7th fifty and his first for five years.
  • Adam & Simon put on 112 for the 1st wicket. They became the 4th pair to have scored 3 century partnerships for the club - the others are Adam & Rory, Adam & Duncan McCourt and Rory & Gary Jones.
  • Liam returned the best bowling figures for Broadway for nearly 13 years, since Rob Gladwin took 6 for 28 v Camberwell Casuals at Waring Park in 2003. It was Liam's 3rd fivefor and beat his previous best of 5 for 24 v Shooters Hill at Mayday Gardens in 2009.
  • And also personal best bowling figures for Luke.





May 22nd v Holborough Anchorians, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 2 wickets

BCC 168/7 (Rory MacNeill 36, Simon  Triggs 36)
Holborogh Anchorians CC 169/8 from 32.5 overs (Jeet 3 for 19)
  • Jeet celebrated his 50th game by taking his 50th wicket and with a new personal best beating the 3 for 22 he took against Tatsfield Village at Mayday Gardens in 2014




May 15th v Dulwich CC Development XI, Home, 40 overs, Won by 16 runs
BCC 143/9 (Simon Triggs 31)
Dulwich CC Development XI 127 (Ian Thurman 4 for 9)
  •  The 30th time Ian has taken 4 wickets in an innings and his best bowling figures since 2011


May 8th v Eden Park CC, Away, 40 Overs, WON bt 122 runs

BCC 244/2 (Rory MacNeill 105*, Dan Lloyd 79)
Eden Park CC 122 all out
  • Our highest team team total since we made 250/4 v East Haddon on the 2010 Northampton tour
  • The first Broadway century since Adam Michaels made two in 2010.
  • Rory MacNeill's 3rd ton, his first for 25 years and his second highest score ever (best is 127*). His innings included three sixes, his first for the club since 2010.
  • Dan Lloyd celebrated his 100th game with a new personal best beating the 61* he made v Beddington in 2011. He batted for exactly two and a half hours, the equal third longest innings for Broadway and just 10 minutes shorter than Ian Thurman's club record.
  • Dan & Rory put on 169, equalling the 2nd wicket record set by Chris Shaw & Gary Jones v Ludlows at Waring Park in 2003. There has only ever been one higher partnership for BCC: Rory & Adam's 3rd wicket stand of 181 v Shooters at Waring Park in 2007.
  • Adam played his 250th game, the 8th player to reach this landmark.

May 1st v Shootershill2001 CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 7 runs

Shootershill2001 CC  155/5
BCC 148/9 (Jake Fossey 41, Sydney 32)
  • So defeat in our first game at our new home. I'm calling Orpington our 5th official home ground following Mayow Park, Waring Park, King George's (our alternative Sidcup home when WP wasn't available) and Mayday Gardens.
  • Luke Constable and Alex Langford played their 50th games for BCC



August 30th v Dulwich CC (Development XI) Away, 35 overs, Lost by 6 wicket
BCC 109 (Jake Fossey 48, George 6 for 11)
Dulwich CC 111/4 from 33.3 overs

  •  We've now lost 5 out of our 6 games against this lot
  • Mr George returned the best opposition bowling figures since Mr Pogose also took 6 for 11 for Beechwood at Otford in 2013
Averages are attached. Adam might look like he's coasting in the batting averages but Jake (126 runs @ 42) is just one innings away from qualifying and giving Adam some serious competition.
There are just two games left on the fixture list but maybe you're hoping to get another one in later in the month. Three major individual landmarks could be reached in these games:
  • Adam's next game will be his 250th
  • Adrian needs 32 runs to reach 3000
  • Darryl needs 3 wickets to reach 200


August 23rd v Shootershill2001 CC, Home, 35 overs, Won by 80 runs

BCC 169/6 (Adam Michaels 72*, Ian Thurman 29, Rory MacNeill  25) Shootershill2001 CC 89 (Ram Jha 3 for 4)
  • Our third game against the landlords this year and first win
  • In the 14th game of the season, Shooters' recorded the first score of under 100. At the other end of the scale, there has been no score of over 200 this year. The highest total is 172 - by us against Newington and by Tatsfield Village in the game at their place.
  • Adam's 71st fifty and 3rd of the season. He batted throughout the (35 over) innings. However, this doesn't count as "carrying his bat." That only applies in a completed innings i.e. if everyone else is out. Only Rory has ever done that for Broadway.
  • Liam took his 150th wicket for the club


 August 16th v Chislehurst & West Kent CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 21 runs

BCC 160 (Adrian 32, Ian 31)
C & WK CC 139 (Liam Walsh 3 for 14, Ian Thurman 3 for 21)
  •  Nothing to tell you about this one!


August 9th v Shootershill2001 CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 6 wickets

BCC 127   (Ram Jha 34)
Shootershill2001 CC 128/4 from 32.4 overs
  • Our 40th game against Shoots in all their incarnations. We're still ahead (19 wins to 15)
  • Not much to shout about for us in this game but congratulations to Freddie Horlock  for personal best batting (21) and bowling (2 for 7)

August 2nd v Nuxley CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 6 wickets

Nuxley CC 150/7
BCC 152/4 from 31 overs (Adam Michaels 50, Simon Triggs 29*, Jeetendra Jaiswal 26)
  • After a run of 8 games which saw alternating wins and losses, two successive wins for the first time this year
  • Adam's 70th fifty
  • And Jeet has now made his three highest scores in the last four games
  • Just a few weeks on from Jake bowling 8 overs for 5 runs against Carlton Sports, Colin went ever better bowling his 8 overs for 4 runs. I'm not going through 30 years of scorebooks to check, but these might be the two most economical eight over spells ever bowled for Broadway.

July 19 v Newington CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 49 runs
BCC 172/7 (Jake Fossey 61, Jeetendra Jaiswal 26*)
Newington  123 (Alex Langford 3 for 23)
  • Our highest score of the season
  • Jake's first fifty and (unless I've missed something) the first player to hit a six this year
  • Jeet's two highest scores have come in the last three games, both against Newington
  • 3 catches for Sydney, one short of equalling the club record for catches in an innings


July 5th v Shootershill2001 CC, "Away", 40 overs, Lost by 3 wickets
BCC 108 (Ian Thurman 39)
SH 109/7 from 28.2 overs (Colin Mant 4 for 20)
  • Can't find anything to tell you about this game!

June 28th v Newington CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 2 runs
BCC 128/8 (Liam Walsh 30*, Jeet 29)
Newington 126 (Liam Walsh 3 for 24)
  • The second two run victory in Broadway history. But our narrowest win was by one run against Pheonix Metrogas (that's Shooters as they were known at the time) in 1999
  • Personal bests with the bat for both Jeet and Alex Langford. Jeetendra Jaiswal 29 beat his previous best of 19 against the Dulwich Development XI in 2013 while Alex's 22* was his first double figure score for the club.
  • Liam Walsh & Alex put on an unbeaten 54 for the 9th wicket, just four short of the club record


June 21st v Orpington CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 6 wickets
BCC 160/7 (Rory MacNeill 56, Simon Triggs 32*)
Orpington 162/4 from 28.1 overs (Clarkson S 104*, Colin Mant 3 for 33)
  • Ian Thurman's 500th game. That's 83% of the 605 played since we started in 1982. Ian reached 100 in 1988, 200 in 1994 and 300 in 2001. In 2004, he broke Glenn Hunt's appearance record of 339 and he reached 400 in 2008. No-one else has played 400 games for the club. The four others to have played 300 are  -        Chris  Shaw - 399, Glenn Hunt - 340, Rory MacNeill - 321 and Mark Tanner - 311.
  • Our highest score of the season but Orpington chased it down with nearly 12 overs to spare
  • Rory Mac Neill's 45th fifty


June 14th v Carlton Sports CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 3 wickets

Carlton Sports CC 144 (Liam Walsh 3 for 21)
BCC 145/7 from 39.5 overs (Adam Michaels 31)
  • Victory off the penultimate ball to celebrate our 50th home game at Mayday Gardens
  • After 4 successive defeats, our first win against Carlton since 2010
  • Remarkable bowling figures from Jake Fossey on his debut: 8 overs for 5 runs
  • And Ian Thurman's 499th game ...

June 7th v Tatsfield Village, Away, 35 overs, Lost by 41 runs

Tatsfield Village CC 172/6
BCC 131/9
  • Liam Walsh's 100th game

May 31st v Cobham CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 4 wickets
Cobham CC 117/9 (Liam Walsh 4 for 24)
BCC 118/6 from 38.2 overs (Liam 30*, Adam Michaels 29, Rory MacNeill 27*)
  • A match winning partnership of 49 from Rory & Liam after we were 69/6 from 28.5 overs
  • Personal best bowling of 2 for 18 ffor Steve Crampton, beating the 1 for 16 he took at Tatsfield on his debut in 2011
  • And a first Broadway wicket for Freddie Horlock


May 24th v Higham & Mockbeggar CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 44 runs

H&M 169/9 (Ian Thurman 3 for 25)

BCC 125/8

  • This was Broadway's 600th game
  • And Adrian's 250th game. He's the 7th player to reach that landmark



May 17th v Dulwich Development XI,  Home, 40 overs, Lost by 9 wickets
BCC 103 (Rory MacNeill 26)
Dulwich Development XI 104/1 from 21.4 overs
  • The fourth 9 wicket defeat in club history (we've twice been beaten by 10 wickets)
  • Simon Triggs became the 10th player to score 2000 runs for the club




May 3rd v Alleyn Adhoc XI,  Home, 40 overs, Won by 44 runs

BCC 155/9 (Adam Michaels 92, Luke  Constable 26)
Alleyn 111 (Simon Triggs 3 for 7, Liam Walsh 3 for 24)

  • When Adam reached 26, he became the first player to score 8000 runs for Broadway
  • It was Adam's 69th fifty and the highest individual score for the club since Simon scored 96* v Newington in 2011
  • Liam passed 1000 runs for the club and became the 10th player to complete the double of 1000 runs and 100 wickets






Sept 21st v Bexleyheath CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 8 wickets
BCC 161/7 (Adam Michaels 67)
Bexleyheath 163/2 from 29.2 overs
  • Adam's 68th fifty and sixth of the season. His final boundary took him to 500 runs for the season, the eighth time he's achieved this.
  • A new personal best score of 8 for young Alex Langford




Sept 14th v Beechwood CC, Away, Time game, Draw
Beechwood CC 186/4
BCC 107/8 (Dan Lloyd 47)
  • Dan top scored for the second successive game
  • Darryl Murdoch took two wickets taking him to 189 for the club, passing both Mark Tanner (187) and Steve Tanner (188). He is now our all-time 8th highest wicket taker.




Sept 7th v Tatsfield Village CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 4 wickets
BCC 128/9 (Dan Lloyd 29)
Tatsfield Village CC 129/6 from 28 overs (Jeetendra Jaiswal 3 for 22)
  • Adam Michael's run of consecutive unbeaten fifties ended when he was caught behind for 5. He had scored 277 runs since he was last out.
  • New personal best bowling figures for Jeet beating the 3 for 25 he took at Orsett CC in July.



August 31st v Dulwich Development XI, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 6 wickets
BCC 75
DD 77/4 from 15.3 overs (Liam Walsh 3 for 30)
  • Tony Brandi's one guest appearance this season saw him go past 2500 runs for the club, the ninth person to reach this landmark


August 24th v Priory CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 78 runs
Priory CC 272/6 (John Garrett 131)
BCC 194/4 (Adam Michaels 71*, Ian Thurman 58, Luke Constable 26)
  • John Garrett's third century against Broadway (he's the only person to have scored more than one) and the fourth highest individual score against us ever. John also made the second highest score against us (150).
  • Adam's 67th fifty, fifth of the season and fourth consecutive unbeaten fifty (53*, 81*, 67*, 71*).
  • Ian's 19th fifty, first for six years and highest score since 2003. And so he regained the honour, taken from him by Rory MacNeill three weeks earlier, of being the oldest player to score a fifty for Broadway. Rory will need to play to at least 2020 to get another opportunity.
  • Ian & Adam put on 118 together, their second century partnership for Broadway.


August 17th v HSBC II, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 95 runs
HSBC 263/1 (Freeman 103 retired)
BCC 168/4 (Adam Michaels 67*, Gary Jones 38)
  • Freeman & Golborn's opening partnership put on 189 (the 4th highest partnership ever against us) before Mr Freeman retired. The first (and only) wicket eventually fell at 242
  • Adam's 66th fifty and fourth of the season. The last three have been in consecutive innings and have all been unbeaten. So Adam has scored 201 runs since he was last out.
  • Rory MacNeill's 311th game, equalling Mark Tanner's total for the club. Only 3 people have played more games:  Ian Thurman 491, Chris 399 and Glenn Hunt 340.



August 3rd v Borstal CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 144 runs
BCC 186/3   (Rory Mac Neill 60*, Ian Thurman 48, Adrian Langford 37*)
Borstal CC 42   (Colin Mant 5 for 13)
  • A huge win, but not even close to the record of 233 runs v Eden Park in 2007 when Adam Michaels made the club record score of 150
  • The lowest opposition total for 14 years. And that was the record low score of 23 by the Flying Wickets at Waring Park in 2000
  • About 20 minutes after Ian blew the opportunity to put the record out of reach for the next five years, Rory (just short of 55 years and six months) became the oldest person to score a fifty for Broadway. Ian's last fifty was against Horton Kirby in 2008, just short of his 55th birthday.
  • It was Rory's 44th fifty and first for three years
  • Colin's 3rd fivefor and his best ever bowling figures, beating the 5 for 21 he took against Eden Park at Mayday Gardens in 2009. And it was the best Broadway bowling figures by anyone since Ian took 5 for 8 against Nuxley at Mayday Gardens in 2011
  • In this season of hat-tricks, Jeet has a chance of a hat-trick spread over three games. He got a wicket with his last ball in the Dulwich Development game and then took a wicket with his only ball at Borstal. Unfortunately for him, Statto wouldn't accept this as a proper hat-trick but he would be required to buy beer all night.



July 27th v Dulwich Development XI, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 31 runs

Dulwich Dev XI   146/6 (Jeet 3 for 41)
BCC  115
  • Jeet, playing his 24th game, took his first catch for the club



July 13th v Earlswood Strollers, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 33 runs
Earlswood Strollers CC 180/6
BCC 147/8  (Adam Michaels 81*, Sydney Perreira 41)
  • Adam's 65th fifty and third of the season
  • 2nd successive personal best batting for Sydney beating the 26 he scored in his previous game at home to Carlton Sports



July 20th v Orsett CC, Away, 40 overs, Abandoned
Orsett CC 141 (Jeet 3 for 25)
  • Game called off at tea
  • Personal best bowling for Jeet, beating his 2 for 12 in the home game against Nuxley in June




July 6th v Nuxley CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 11 runs
BCC 127
Nuxley CC 116 (Luke Arpino 4 for 13 including hat-trick)
  • Two wins in successive weeks against Nuxley. They were much changed from our 10 wicket win at Shooters. I think only four of their guys played in both games.
  • This was our 10th game against Nuxley. It's all square now: 5 wins and 5 defeats
  • There were six Broadway hat-tricks in our first 32 seasons. There have now been three in our 33rd with Luke following Liam Walsh  and Alex Langford
  • Luke took 4 four wickets in 6 balls for no runs. For the second successive week, this gave him new personal best bowling figures beating last week's 3 for 11 
  • Steve Purcell has entered the all-time Broadway appearance Top 10. This was his 220th game, making him equal 10th with Steve Tanner. Sicknote marked the occasion by taking the winning catch.




June 29th v Nuxley CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 10 wickets

Nuxley CC  87 (Luke Arpino 3 for 11, Alex Langford 3 for 24)
BCC           89/0 (Adam Michaels 53*)


  • Adam Michaels & Simon Triggs  knocked off the runs for only our third ever 10 wicket win. The previous two were nearly 20 years ago, both at our second Sidcup ground, King George's. First was against Stratford in 1995 (they got 61, Ian Thurman & Mick Tanner got the runs) and the second was against Horton Kirby in 1997 (they got 96, with Ian and a fifty from Adrian Langford doing the business for us).
  • Adam's 64th fifty

  • Adam also took his 100th outfield catch (he has a further 32 as wicket-keeper). He's only the third player to have definitely reached this landmark after Ian (140) and Chris Shaw (123). But Glenn Hunt could be a fourth. Catches weren't recorded in the club's first two seasons, but Glenn took 94 after that.

  • Six wickets were taken by teenagers, I believe. Not a phrase I use every week in Broadway stats bulletins. Luke A's figures were a new personal best beating his 2 for 20 v Bexleyheath at Shootershill in 2011. And Alex's three wickets make him leading wicket taker this season.



June 22nd v Snodland Community CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 7 wickets
BCC 154/9 (Ian Thurman 36, Darryl Murdoch 30)
SC 155/3 from 37.1 overs


  • Tony took his 300th wicket for the club, thanks to Luke C's first ever wicket-keeping dismissal. Tony is the fourth player to reach this landmark following Ian (607), Glenn Hunt (528) and Dave Tanner (310)


  • Darryl equalled his highest score for the club


June 15th v Carlton Sports CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 56 runs
Carlton Sports CC 166/6 (Gary Jones 103*)
BCC 110/9 (Sydney Ferreira 26)
  • Gary became the only player to have scored a century for and against Broadway
  • Personal best batting for Sydney
  • Tony Arpino took his 299th wicket for the club




June 8th v Tatsfield Village CC, Away, 35 overs, Lost by 3 wickets
BCC 135/6 (Liam Walsh 40*, Ian Thurman 27)
Tatsfield Village CC 137/7 from 34.4 overs
  • Defeat in the final over in our 10th match against Tatsfield. The record is now Won 7, Lost 3
  • Ton Arpino's 250th game. He's the sixth player to reach that milestone


June 1st v Cobham CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 6 runs

BCC   113/9  (Extras 56)
Cobham CC  107/7 (Ian Thurman 3 for 21)
  • So last year we lost the first 17 games of the season. This year, for the first time ever, we've won our first 5 games. I was sitting in the garden on Sunday afternoon with a G&T wondering if there were any obvious differences from last year which could explain such a change. But I couldn't come up with anything.
  • Even I don't keep stats on extras. But I'm sure we've never had a game before where they accounted for half the total. And 56 might be a record. I thought there was a game once where we got more than 60, but I haven't been able to find it.
  • Rory MacNeill ended a run of 46 consecutive innings without a duck going back nearly five years. It's the third longest run in club history. Rory himself holds the record with 78.  Our man from Glasgow points out that if lbw decisions from Umpire Thurman were excluded, he'd never be out for a duck.
The next time I get the book, I'll get the averages started. Adam  is at the top of the batting (surprise) and Liam Walsh tops the bowling.


May 18th v Eden Park CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 56 runs


BCC 211/6 (Jasdeep 46*, Liam Walsh 35, Simon Triggs 32)
Eden Park CC 155 (Alex Langford 4 for 12 including hat-trick)
  • Only the second time we have ever won the first four games in a season. The other occasion was 1999 when game five was drawn

  • Eden Park join the list of teams we have played ten times. The record is won 7, lost 3

  • The first time for over 10 years that we have scored 200 without Adam being in the team. The last occasion was in September 2003 v Blake CC at Waring Park, Sidcup when we scored 223 for 2 (Ian Thurman 75, Gary Jones 59, Duncan McCourt 47*)

  • Jasdeep has now scored 122 runs for us in 3 games

  • Two home games, two hat-tricks. Following Liam v Shooters Hill, Alex took the 8th hat-trick in BCC history. Alex has the unique distinction of being the only person to have been on both sides of a Broadway hat-trick. Guesting for Tatsfield Village CC, he was the 3rd victim in Fitz Hamilton's 2009 hat-trick.

  • Also, personal best bowling figures for Alex beating his 2 for 6 away to Carshalton Athletic in 2010



May 11th v Eden Park CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 44 runs
BCC 148/5  (Rory MacNeill 43, Luke Constable 30*, Adam Michaels 27)
Eden Park CC 104  (Darryl Murdoch 4 for 23)
  • Three games - three wins, equalling our total number of wins in 2013.
  • Personal best batting for Luke


May 4th v Shooters Hill2001 CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 45 runs
BCC 108  (Adam 27 Michaels, Liam Walsh 25)
Shootershill2001 CC 63   (Sydney Ferreira 4 for 8, Liam Walsh 3 for 10 including hat-trick)
  •  With Shooters looking good on 27/0, the game turned around with a superb all bowled hat-trick from Liam (Phillips, John Garrett and Kendall). It's the 7th hat-trick in Broadway history and Liam is the first person to do it twice.
  • The lowest oppo total since we bowled out Lessa Aquila for 60 in 2009. Also Shootershill's lowest ever score against us in 38 games (previous lowest was 81 in 2009) 
  • Personal best bowling and batting (14) figures for Sydney


April 27th v Alleyn Adhocs CC, Away, 40 overs, Won by 22 runs
BCC 176/6  (Adam Michaels 61, Rory MacNeill 32)
Alleyn Adhocs CC 154   (Ian Thurman 3 for 24, Liam Walsh 3 for 29)
  • A monumental achievement to start our 33rd season with Ian's 600th wicket. That means he's averaged nearly 19 wickets a season throughout the club's history.
  • Adam's 63rd fifty





Another win to mark Rory MacNeill's 300th game and he is be the fifth person to reach that milestone.
Sept 8th v Tatsfield Village CC, Home, 35 Overs, Won by 22 runs
BCC 131 for 9
Tatsfield Village CC 109 All out

Sept 1st v Dulwich Development XI, Away, Time game, Won by 60 runs
BCC 166 (Chris Shaw 29, Dan Lloyd 26)
Dulwich 106 (Jasdeed Batra 4 for 11)
  • Time games are getting longer. When we used to play them regularly, the team batting first would usually bat for about 2 hrs 30 mins and receive about 45 overs. Then, in May this year batting first against Wickham Park, we were given 2hrs 45 mins and received 50 overs. On Sunday, with a 1:10 pm start, we were a bit surprised to be told "tea at 4:30 boys." And so we batted for 3 hrs 20 mins, all out at the end of the 57th over.
  • The final wicket was taken by Jeet who has set a new club record by taking wickets in each of his first 9 games for the club
  • Jasdeed recorded the best bowling figures of the season and showed that working for BT is not incompatible with quality bowling 
  • Darryl Murdoch's 100th game

So, after our momentary aberration at Borstal ... two more defeats !!
August 18th v HSBC CC, Away, 35 overs (sort of), Lost by 8 wickets
BCC 127 (Jasdeed Batra 60, Adam Michaels 32)
HSBC 128 for 2 from 19.5 overs
  • A predictable outcome for nine man Broadway who'd unsuccessfully tried to get the game cancelled
  • Originally a 35 over game, we "ended" our innings on 121 for 6 when the oppo bizarrely decided to give us 5 more overs (maybe the tea wasn't ready) while keeping their innings at 35 overs.
  • Jasdeed showed that working for BT is not incompatible with quality batting
  • Ian Thurman took his 598th wicket for the club



 August 11th v Shootershill2001 CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 6 wickets

BCC 150 (Steve Purcell 37, Liam Walsh 29)
Shootershill 2001  CC 153 for 4 from 35.1 overs
  • Steve Purcell has now scored his highest number of runs ever (178) in one season
  • Jeet has now taken wickets in each of his first 8 games for Broadway, equalling Adam' Michaels club record. (Jeet didn't play in the next game v HSBC)

  August 4th v Borstal CC, Away, 40 overs, WON by 101 runs

 BCC 182  (Adam Michaels 76, Dan Lloyd 31)
Borstal CC 81 (Ian Thurman 3 for 12)
  • The end of the worst run in Broadway history, 18 consecutive defeats starting from the last game of 2012
  • Adam's 62nd fifty and 5th of the season. In 10 innings this year, he has only once been out for less than 40.
  • Ian took his career aggregate to 597 wickets
  • Jeet has now taken wickets in each of his first seven games for the club. That's not yet a club record. I need to do more digging to find out what the record is but I know Adam, before the ICC ban, took wickets in his first eight games



July 28th v Dulwich CC (Development XI ), Home, Time game, Lost by 6 wickets
BCC 107 (SimonTriggs 36)
Dulwich CC 111 for 4
  • Our 18th consecutive defeat
  • Simon batted throughout our innings, but by being last man out (running himself out) he failed to carry his bat through a completed innings. So Rory remains the only person ever to do this.
  • After taking a wicket in his first ever over for Broadway, Paul Miller conceded  conceded 28 runs in his second. That equals the club record which Paul now shares with Chris Shaw, Ian Thurman and Achinta Varma.


 Bewdley Tour match results
July 21st v Pedmore CC, 40 overs, Lost by 63 runs
Pedmore 258 for 8 (Tony Arpino 4 for 38, Dave Tanner 3 for 25)
BCC 195 for 8 (Adam Michaels 42, Liam Walsh 30, Dave Surch (oppo) 25)
  • Tony's best bowling figures, and first fourfor, since 1992
  • The opposition lent us four players over the three tour games. Between them, they bowled 33 overs for 235 runs at just above 7 an over. Beware of Greeks bearing gifts. 
July 19th v Stourport CC, 40 overs, Lost by 66 runs
Stourport 301 for 6 (J Martin (oppo) 3 for 66)
BCC 235 for 6 (John Garrett 79, Gary Jones 31, Adam Michaels 27*)
  • The highest scoring game in Broadway history. The match aggregate of 536 runs beat the previous record of 504 v Tonbridge at Waring Park in 2003
  • Stourport's 301 was the third highest score ever against us while our 235 was our best score (and the first one over 200) since we scored 250 for 4 v East Haddon CC on the 2010 tour of Northampton
  • The 16th consecutive game without a win broke the club record of 15 (10 defeats, 5 draws) set when the club started in 1982-3
  • Fifties on successive days for John Garrett. This was his highest score for Broadway and his third fifty in four innings for us, giving him a total of 247 runs at an average of 123.5. [Postscript: he then blew it in the post-tour game by getting out for 8]
  • And, in a devastating blow, Adrian's club record for conceding the most runs in an innings (77 from a mere 9 overs) was beaten by guest player Tristram (81 from 10 overs)
July 18th v Hagley CC, 40 overs, Lost by 1 wicket
BCC 166 (John Garrett 60, Adam Michaels  51)
Hagley CC 167 for 9 from 37.1 overs (Andy Poutney (oppo) 4 for 45)
  • Our closest yet to ending the losing run. Hagley still needed 29 when their ninth wicket fell, only for their number 11 to whack 28*
  • But this defeat means that losses have now overtaken wins in club history (225 to 224)
  • Adam's 61st fifty and fourth of the season. And John's 2nd Broadway fifty. Together they put on 109 for the 4th wicket, our first century partnership since 2011.
  • The oppo included Oliver Maxwell, son of Australian Test Match Special commentator Jim Maxwell.


July 14 v Newington CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 6 runs
Newington CC 204 for 8 (Simon Triggs 4 for 26)
BCC 198 for 9 (Adam Michaels 51, Liam Walsh 50*)
  • Our 14th consecutive defeat
  • We were 141 for 9 after 31.2 overs. Then Liam & Ian (20*) put on a record last wicket partnership of 57*. The previous record was 46* set by Glenn Hunt & Mark Tanner v Lucas at Waring Park in 1997.
  • Adam's 60th fifty and third of the season
  • Liam's 3rd fifty
  • And not just personal best bowling figures from Simon, but the first time he's ever taken more than one wicket in an innings.



July 7th v Nuxley CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 7 wickets
BCC 125 for 7 (Ian Thurman 40, Tony Arpino 28*)
Nuxley CC 126 for 3 from 27.5 overs


June 30th, v Alleyn Adhoc XI CC, Home at The Academy, Woolwich, 40 overs, Lost by 8 wickets

 BCC 126 (Simon Triggs 42)
Alleyn CC 127 for 2 from 30.2 overs
  • Twelve defeats in a row
  • Our second home game away from Mayday Gardens this year. The Academy is our 9th home ground, the most scenic (apart from Waring Park) and the biggest.
  • We played Alleyn & Honor Oak five times between 2007 and 2010 but they've had a bit of a remake since then. They still play league cricket under that name, but now trade on Sundays as the Alleyn Adhoc XI. I think there were just three players in their side who played in our last couple of games with them.

 June 23rd v Meopham II CC, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 3 wickets

 BCC 145 (Chris Shaw 43, Liam Walsh 30)
Meopham II CC 149 for 7 from 38.4 overs
  • And that makes 11 consecutive defeats
  • But with Meopham 74 for 7 at one stage, the run should have ended. I blame that past his sell-by date plonker of a slip fielder (Statto) who dropped their number 9 twice in one over.
  • That number 9 (Bryant) made a match winning 42*. This is not the first time that the Bryant family have been a thorn in Broadway's flesh. His dad (who Tony Arpino got out for 5 in this game) made 140 against us in 1996 playing for Blendon. At the time, it was the record individual score against us and it remains the third highest score.


June 16th v Carlton Sports CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 119 runs
Carlton Sports CC 203 for 8
BCC 84 (Steve Purcell 40)
  • That's it then. Starting with the last game of 2012, a club record 10th consecutive defeat. The previous record of 9 was set in 2006. But, as Ian says, any record's a good record.
  • In the old days, we avoided these problems by salvaging draws in time games. The club record for the longest run without a win is 15 games. That was the club's first 15 games in 1982-3.
  • Steve Purcell's 2nd highest score for Broadway
  • Colin Mant marked his first game of the season by taking his 200th wicket for the club. He's the seventh player to reach that landmark.
  • A fifty for Broadway reject Gary Jones.


June 9th v Tatsfield Village CC, Away, 35 overs, Lost by 5 wickets
BCC 167 for 5 (Adam Michaels 49, Rory MacNeill 28, Hish Ravindra 26)
Tatsfield VillageCC 168 for 5 from 32 overs
  • Our 9th consecutive defeat, equalling the club record
  • Rory became the 2nd player to reach 7000 runs, three weeks after Adam became the first
  • For the 6th successive game, Simon Triggs took a catch. I doubt any outfielder has ever taken catches in 7 consecutive games, but Liam Walsh also took catches in 6 successive games in 2008.
June 2nd v Cobham CC, Home, 40 overs, Lost by 64 runs
Cobham CC 188 for 8
BCC 124 for 6 (Adam Michaels 42, Dan Lloyd 30)
  • Dan  became the 16th player to score 1000 runs for the club
  • Rory took his 100th stumping ("and those are only the ones that have been given"). Wicket-keeping records weren't kept in the club's first two seasons (1982-3). Rory has kept wicket in just over half of the 536 games we've played since 1984. In the other 250 or so games, all our other wicket-keepers have taken just 32 stumpings between them. Gary Jones is second to Rory with 7.
  • Simon Trigg's 100th game


May 26th v Wickham Park, Away, Time game, Lost by 3 wickets
BCC 170 for 5 (A Langford 40*, Rory 40)
Wickham Park CC 172 for 7 (A Langford 3 for 33)
  • A rare time game for Broadway and a classic. Wickham Pk CC scored a boundary off the last ball of the final 20 overs with their last pair at the wicket. But officially a three wicket win as they were two men short.
  • We received 50 overs in our innings which may well be a club record. That's becuase we were given 2 hrs 45 minutes to bat. In the old days when we used to play time games with a 2:30 start, the team batting first usually got 2 hrs 30 minutes  
  • Starting with the last game of last season, our 7th consecutive defeat, two short of the club record of nine
  • Rory MacNeill got his 99th stumping. And he's on the verge of another major milestone as he needs just 18 more runs to reach 7000.


May 19th v Eden Park, Home (Charlton Park), 40 overs, Lost by 5 wickets
BCC 143 (Adam 61)
Eden Park CC 146 for 5 from 32.4 overs
  • Charlton Park is our 8th home ground
  • When Adam Michaels reached 32 he beame the first player to score 7000 runs for the club. He went on to score his 59th fifty.
  • Adam also entered the top 10 on the Broadway appearance list. He's equal tenth with Dave Tanner having played 217 games.
  • And Sicknote Purcell became the 12th player (and only the second non-legend after Adam) to play 200 games

 May 12th v Nuxley, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 4 wickets

BCC 112 (Adrian 45)
Nuxley CC 114 for 6 from 31 overs
  • Just like last year, we start the season with 4 successive defeats. Adding the last game of 2012, that makes a losing run of 5 games. The club record is 9 set in 2006. That run ended with a home victory over Eden Park, hopefully a good omen for Sunday.
  • Adrian Langford overtook Gary Jones' career aggregate of 2665 runs to become our all-time 6th highest run scorer
  • Steve Tanner is climbing the family rankings. He's now played more games (217) than brother Dave (216) and his two wickets on Sunday saw him draw level with brother Mark on 187 career wickets. Steve now has the 9th highest number of appearances for Broadway and Steve & Mark are joint 8th highest wicket takers.
I'll probably start sending out averages with the next bulletin. So far, Tony Arpino, Sicknote and I have qualified for the batting averages by batting in all four games: Tony is top and I'm bottom with a very impressive average of 2.5. Beat that. Darryl Murdoch is the only player so far to have reached the bowling qualification of 5 wickets.
Finally, Sunday's Eden Park game will be Sicknote's 200th for the club


May 5th v Shootershill2001 CC, "Away", 40 overs, Lost by 137 runs
Shootershill2001 CC 244 for 3
BCC 107 All out
  • The old gits didn't contribute much, but personal best batting performances from all three colts. Luke Arpino got 16 (beating his previous best of 11 v Priory at Mayday Gardens in 2011), Alex Langford got 2 and Luke Tanner got his first run for the club.
  • And it may have seemed like far more, but Ian Thurman conceded just 12 byes in his debut as wicket-keeper


The most momentous news has been the surprise reappearance of last year's missing, presumed dead, scorebook. A man in his early fifties from the Upper Norwood area is being held for questioning.
So to the highlights from this year's first two games.
April 28th  v Netteswell & Burnt Mill CC, Away (Harlow), 40 overs, Lost by 88 runs
N&BM 192 for 7
BCC 104 for 9 (Tony Brandi 38*)
  • Tony Brandi's first Broadway appearance since 2006 and his highest score since 1996. Even though I've taken a run off his score. Just like the old days, Tony.

April 21st  v Bexleyheath, Away, 40 overs, Lost by 2 wickets
BCC 123 for 7 (Adam 50)
Bexleyheath 126 for 8 from 36 overs (Darryl 4 for 21)
  • Adam Michaels became the club's all-time highest run scorer, overtaking Rory MacNeill  (then on 6924 runs) who, appropriately, was batting at the other end. However, as Adam is missing a few of the next games, this could go to and fro.
  • Adam's 58th fifty
  • Steve Purcell became the 15th player to score 1000 runs for Broadway
  • And Darryl Murdoch became the 10th player to take 150 wickets




September 9th v Halstead CC Away, 40 overs, Lost by 114 runs

Halstead 241/7 (L Blackaby 114)
BCC 127 (Walsh 41, Mujtaba Khan 40)
  • Our winning run ended one short of the club record of 9 successive wins set in 2003
  • ... the early arrival of Annabel Florence and a couple of runs for Rory MacNeill ensured that Rory ended 2012 still as our outright highest run scorer
  • 13 balls from the end of the season, Fitz scored his one and only run of 2012
  • Apparently dragged into guesting for us by Sicknote, Andy Brown became the 200th player to play for Broadway


September 2nd v Priory CC, Home, 40 overs, Won by 5 wickets
Priory 67 (Murdoch 4 for 10)
BCC 71/5 from 32 overs
  • our 8th successive win
  • the lowest opposition total since we bowled LESSA/Aquilla out for 60 in 2009
  • Adam Michaels became our equal highest all-time run scorer, drawing level with Rory MacNeill 



BCC 136/9 (Liam Walsh 30*, Adam Michaels 26)
Newington 117 (Liam 5 for 29 including hat-trick)
  • So, top scorer, fivefor, hat-trick and 100th wicket for the club. Man of the match award must have been tricky.
  • Our 7th consecutive win, two short of the club record set in 2003
  • A match winning hat-trick. Before Liam struck, Newington needed 32 runs from 41 balls with 5 wickets left.
  • It was the 6th hat-trick in Broadway history. Liam follows Tony Brandi, Darren Hooker, Courtney Perry, Steve Purcell and Fitz Hamilton. Only a dropped catch off the next ball stopped Liam matching Tony Brandi's unique achievement of 4 wickets in 4 balls.
  • Liam's 2nd fivefor. Following Darryl Murdoch last week, it's the first time we've had fivefors in successive games since 2005 (Sicknote & Colin)
  • And Liam became the 15th player to take 100 wickets for the club
  • In non-Liam news, Steve Tanner recorded his first duck in 15 years. It ended a run of 26 consecutive innings without a duck.


August 12th v Tatsfield Village CC, Away, (35 overs) Won by 48 runs
BCC 159/7 (Ian Thurman 33*)
TV 111   (Darryl Murdoch 5 for 41)
  • Strange things happen at Tatsfield. Our 2004 game saw the most unlikely dismissal in the history of the club (hit wicket bowled Shaw), but this Sunday saw the most unlikely event in the entire history of sport when Colin Mant clubbed a six over the wide mid-on boundary. The Royal Mail are issuing a commemorative stamp.
  • Our 6th consecutive win
  • Ian Thurman became the thid player (after Rory and Adam) to reach 6000 runs
  • Darryl Murdoch's 5th fivefor, equalling the record of former spin kings Dave and Mark Tanner. Only Glenn Hunt (18) and Ian (8) have more five wicket hauls.
  • And as well as his first ever six, Colin took his 199th wicket for the club


August 5th v Chislehurst & West Kent II, Home, (40 overs) Won by 46 runs
BCC 167/6 (John Garrett 41*, Nabil Butt 27)
C&WK 121 (Chris Shaw 3 for 37)
  • We've played Chislehurst twice before in 2002 and 2004. The first game, at a very wet Waring Park, was eventually abandoned with Chislehurst 15 for 6, chasing 192 to win, and in danger of recording the lowest ever score against us. That game was also notable for the only Broadway appearance by Adam's brother.
  • Back to the present and this was our 5th consecutive win, our best run since we set the club record of 9 successive wins in 2003
  • Great performance by the lower order batting with John Garrett, Nabil Butt and John O'Reilly (a personal best 20*) adding 92 in the last 10 overs
  • Rory MacNeill took his 300th wicket-keeping dismissal. Last year saw his 200th wicket-keeping catch. So the next milestone will be his 100th stumping; he took his 98th on Sunday 


 July 22nd v HSBC II CC, Away, (40 overs) Won by 4 wkts

HSBC 186 for 5
BCC 187 for 6 from 38.2 overs (Adam Michaels 78*, Simon Triggs 35, Liam Walsh 27)
  • Four consecutive wins, for the first time since 2009
  • Adam's 57th fifty. He now needs just 35 runs to overtake Rory's career aggregate of 6888 and become our all-time leading scorer
  • Rory's stumping gave him his 299th wicket-keeping dismissal
Since his week at the bottom of the batting averages, Adam Michaels has scored 83, 45 and 78*. I wonder if it will have the same effect on me.



July 15th v Carshalton Athletic CC, Away, (40 overs) Won by 8 runs
BCC 145 for 5 (Adam Michaels 45)
Carshalton 137 (Liam Walsh 4 for 15)
  • Our 10th game against Carshalton going back to 2003 (6 wins and 4 defeats)
  • Helped by Broadway's 5th bowlers (6 overs for 67 - the names of the guilty men escape me for now), Wilson & Satchell put on 63 for Carshalton's last wicket. This was the first ever fifty partnership for the 10th wicket in a Broadway game, for or against. The previous opposition record, set in 1997, was 47*.
  • Darryl Murdoch entered the all time top 10 of Broadway wicket takers. He's now equal tenth with Darren Hooker on 137
  • Ian Thurman's 12 not out took his season average to 99


July 1st v Shootershill2001 CC, Away, (40 Overs) Won by 46 runs

BCC 181 for 7 (Adam  Michaels 83, Azim Khan 31, Ian Thurman 29*)
Shootershill2001 CC 145 for 9 (Liam Walsh 3 for 24)
  • Galvanized by the short sharp shock of a week at the bottom of the batting averages, the skipper returned to form with his 56th fifty for Broadway. He hit 3 sixes, the last of which was his 50th for the club. The next biggest six hitter for us is Dave Tanner with 34.
Updated averages are attached. And results just in from the Welling Carbon Dating Research Centre confirm that Ian's batting average now exceeds his age.




June 24th v Meopham III, Away, (30 overs) Won by 4 wkts
Meopham CC 128 (Ian Thurman 4 for 27)
Broadway CC 130 for 6 from 29.5 overs (Liam Walsh 28*, Dan Lloyd 26)
  • Our first win of the season with 1 ball to spare
  • A fine all round game by Liam: top scorer, two wickets and his 50th catch for the club. Liam's fielding record is extraordinary. He's the 10th outfielder to take 50 catches for Broadway and he got there in just 71 games which is by far the quickest. It took Adam Michaels just over 100 games, Adrian Langford 146 and everyone else on the list over 150. 
  • For the second successive game, we bowled no wides
  • Remarkable bowling figures by Steve Innes, the oppo's left arm spinner: 6 overs, 2 wickets for 1 run. "Turning it miles" I'm advised.



Well I was expecting to do a bumper bulletin on my return from holiday, but the great British summer has put paid to that. So just one and a half games to catch up on and not much to say about them.
But first an additional stat from the Eden Park game on 27th May which is that Simon Triggs became the 10th player to score 1500 runs for Broadway.
The first season averages should come with the next bulletin.  Only two people have made the batting qualification of 4 innings (Thurman 58 runs at an average of 58 and Triggs 68 runs averaging 17) and nobody has yet reached the bowling qualification of 5 wickets. Yes, two months into the season, our leading wicket taker is Murdoch with 4.
June 17th v Carlton Sports,  Home, 40 overs, Lost by 4 wickets
BCC 128 (Azim Khan 46)
Carlton Sports CC 132 for 6 from 37.3 overs
  • Ignoring the previous abandoned game and starting from the last game of last season, this was our 5th consecutive defeat, our worst run since 2008
  • One unusual stat, and one reason why we ran them so close despite our low total, was that we bowled no wides. In contrast, there were 18 in our innings.
June 3rd v Cobham CC, HOME, (Time game) Abandoned at tea
Cobham 102 for 8
  • Nothing to note about this game except a possible record number of guest appearances by players from another club. Four Shooters players helped us make up a full side


May 27th v Eden Park CC, AWAY, (40 overs) LOST

EdenPark CC 219 for 4
Broadway CC 198 for 7  (Thurman 39*, Triggs 35, A Arpino 27*)
Mr Patel, opening for Eden Park,  got 128*, If I remember rightly. If that's correct, it's the 5th highest individual score against us.

There'll be a bumper stats report, and the first averages of the season, when I get back from my hols (West coast of USA). Could also be some revisions to yesterday's batting which I don't think added up right.



May 20th v Beddington Cavaliers CC, AWAY , (40 overs), LOST

Broadway CC   108 all out
Beddington Cavaliers CC 109 for 5 from 22.3 overs

Shortage of noteworthy stats from the game, but there were four ducks in our innings (three to their Aussie pro in the final over) and that makes seven ducks in the first two games of the season.


April 15th v Streatham & Marlborough CC, AWAY,  (35 Overs), LOST

Streatham & Marlborough 289 for 5 (Sarwar 111)
BCC 124 (Azim Khan 61, Rory MacNeill 26)
  • S&M (oh yes) Sunday firsts proved a little stronger than the 2nd XI that we thrashed by 8 wickets at the start of last season, and tied with at Mayday Gdns later in the season. Although Sunday's switch hitting centurion Sarwar did play in the tied game last year when he was out caught by Adrian Langford off Tony Arpino for 17. 
  • It was the 5th highest oppo score ever, but from only 35 overs. The average run rate (8.26 runs/over) was only just below Old Rutlishians (8.32) when they scored the record total of 333 for 1 against us in 2010.
  • Mr Sarwar's 111 came in less than 13 overs. He said he faced 42 balls which sounds about right.
But depite the carnage, some landmarks for us
  • A fifty on debut for Azim. It's the seventh highest debut score. The record is 100 by Dan Lamb in the first of the two games he played for us in 2003. Also: Mark Tomkins 82*, a Mr Ricketts 79, Gary Jones 78, Courtney Perry 68 and John Garrett 67*
  • Adrian Langford got the six runs he needed to overtake Dave Tanner's career aggregate of 2642 runs and become our all time 7th highest run scorer
  • A first double figure score for Sam Holland 
  • And at the start of only his 29th season, Chris Shaw took his 100th wicket for the club. He's the 14th person to reach that landmark and the 9th to complete the double of 1000 runs and 100 wickets.

Sept 25th v Vishwa CC, Home at Longfield, (35 overs) LOST
BCC  57
Vishwa  58 for 5 from 10.3 overs
  • Our final game of the season lasted just 27 overs after we were bowled out in 16 overs and 3 balls. Possibly the shortest completed match in Broadway history, although not our shortest innings. When we got our record low total of 25 v Telegraph in 1983, we were all out in 14.1 overs.
  • So our last 4 games of the season included scores of 47 v Bexleyheath, 67 for 6 v Priory and yesterday's 57.
 Moving swiftly on, the end of season averages are attached. Season highlights:
  • 10 wins and 8 defeats from 21 matches
  • For the 7th consecutive season, Adam topped the batting averages and scored most runs. However, for the first time since 2006, he failed to reach 500 runs.
  • Ian topped the bowling averages for the first time since 2005 and Steve T took most wickets for the first time since 1994.
  • Adam took 13 outfield catches, only Liam (16) has ever taken more in a season

Sept 18 v Tatsfield Village CC, Away, (35 overs)  WON
Tatsfield Village CC 133 for 8 (Steve Tanner  4 for 12)
BCC 134 for 4 from 33.2 overs (Michaels 60*, Triggs49)
  • Adam's 55th fifty and 4th of the season
  • Simon & Adam put on 102 for the 3rd wicket, the first century partnership of the season. It's Simon & Adam's 2nd century partnership for the club.
  • Steve T has returned his two best bowling figures ever in his last three games. Sunday's 4 for 12 (his 7th fourfor) followed the 4 for 8 he took v Bexleyheath three weeks earlier. He now has 24 wickets this year, his second best season total behind the 29 he took in 1994.
  • Rory took his 200th wicket-keeping catch (he has a further 7 as an outfielder)


September 11 v Priory CC, "Away" at Mayday Gdns, (35 overs) Abandoned rain

Priory CC 177 for 7 (Hamilton 3 for 11)
BCC  67 for 6 from 23.2 overs
  • Rain saved Priory as we were cruising to a comfortable victory. Possibly.
  • Forget about Tendulkar's 100th international hundred. An even more momentous landmark looms as Chris took his 99th wicket for the club.
  • Adam took his 13th catch of the season equalling his 2005 best. Only Liam (16) has taken more in a season.
  • Tony played his 217th game, equalling Dave Tanner's total for the club. They have the equal 8th highest number of appearances for Broadway.


 August 28 v Bexleyheath CC, Home, (40 overs)  LOST

Bexleyheath CC 102 (Steve Tanner 4 for 8)
BCC 47
  • We don't have to go that far back for a similar batting nightmare to yesterday, as we only got 48 v Shades at Dulwich last year. But 47 was our lowest total since we were bowled out twice for 39 in 1998 by Exel and Dartford Nomads. However, we didn't have a full side in either of those games. So yesterday was the lowest total by an 11 man Broadway line-up since the 1991 Market Harborough tour when Shepshed Messengers bowled us out for 43.
  • Nobody reached double figures yesterday. That has happened before including that 1991 Shepshed Messengers game when the top score was, like yesterday, 9. However, when we made our second lowest score ever (34 v Crayford Dartfordians in 1990), the top individual score was only 7 which might be the record.
  • However, two personal bests in the bowling figures. Steve T has never taken 5 wickets in an innings but yesterday was his 6th fourfor and beat his previous best of 4 for 19 v Exel at King George's way back in 1995.
  • And Luke's 2 for 20 was also a new personal best, beating the 2 for 39 he took in the first Shooters Hill game this year.
  • Finally, Adam became the 11th player to play 200 games for Broadway and the first new boy. He made his debut in 1999, whereas the other ten (legends) to reach that landmark all played their first games in the club's first three seasons (1982 to 1984).


August 21   v Carshalton Athletic CC, Away (40 overs)  WON

Carshalton Athletic  149 for 9 (Craig Trewin 3 for 33)
BCC 150 for 8 from 37.3 overs (Walsh 59*, Michaels 32)
  • Officially a two wicket victory although, as we were one man short, we won with our last pair at the wicket. We had been 77 for 7 before Liam & Craig put on 64 for the 8th wicket.
  • Liam's 2nd fifty and a new personal best beating the 57 he scored v Ash at Mayday Gardens last year. In fact, Liam has improved his personal best in every season since his debut in 2006.
  • Liam also passed 500 runs for the club.
Last week Liam was 8th in the batting averages and second bottom in the minutes per innings list.
Next week will see Adam's 200th game for the club.


August 14 v Cobham II  home  (40 overs)  WON
Cobham CC 145 for 7 (Dave Garrett 3 for 22)
BCC 146 for 3 from 30.1 overs (John Garrett 67*, Dan Lloyd 35)
  • A fifty on his official Broadway debut (having previously played for us in the 2010 T10 competition) for poacher turned gamekeeper John Garrett
  • The oppo included Simon Price who took 7 for 21 against us for Hextable when they bowled us out for 52 in 2001. That's the third best bowling figures ever against us. Just 1 wicket for him this time, though.
  • With the Garretts guesting and Luke Tanner playing his first full game, we had two father & son pairs in the side which prompted some discussion at tea. It's happened a few times before starting in our very first season in 1982 when Ian's dad played his one and only game (Glenn & John Hunt were also in the side). I'd have to go through all the books to be sure, but I don't think we've ever had three father & son pairs in an 11 man team, although Tony & Luke, Steve & Luke and Adrian & Alex all played in the first Shooters Hill game this season with Alex and Luke T sharing fielding duties. We've also had at least one game with two fathers and three sons: Tony & Luke and Dave, Paul & Tom Tanner all played in the ACME game at the end of 2009.


August 7 v Shooters Hill, "away" (30 overs)  LOST
BCC 103 for 7
Shooters Hill2001 CC 104 for 3 from 16.1 overs (John Garrett 73*)


July 31 v Streatham & Marlborough CC  TIED

BCC 150 for 9
Streatham & Marlborough 150 (Hamilton 3 for 12)
  • Only our 4th ever tie in 30 seasons and 533 games. The previous three were against Graveney (1993), Calton Sports (2004) and Chak De (2009).


July 24 v Nuxley CC   home (40 overs) WON

Nuxley 73  (Thurman 5 for 8)

BCC 74 for 5 from 27.3 overs
  • An unusually low scoring game with no batsman on either side reaching 20
  • Ian's 8th fivefor, his first since 2002, and his best bowling figures since he took 6 for 32 v Stoneleigh Park at Waring Park in 1993.
  • And they were the best bowling figures by anyone since Darryl also took 5 for 8 against the Isle of Wight Prison Officers on the 2007 tour
  • Adrian's Langford's 227th game equalling Mick Tanner's total for the club. They have the equal 6th highest number of appearances for Broadway
  • Unfortunately, Adrian marked the occasion by ending a run of 28 successive innings without a duck which stretched back to the 2008 Lichfield tour



July 10 v Meopham III CC away (40 overs) WON
BCC 194 for 9 (MacNeill 60, Michaels 43, Langford 29)
Meopham III 168 for 9
  • Our highest score of the season
  • Our first game against Meopham since we played them 5 times between 1990 and 1992. And our first win.
  • Rory's 43rd fifty
  • Liam's record of 16 catches in a season is under threat as Adam took his 10th of the year with two months to go
July 3 v Shootershill2001 CC home (40 overs) WON
BCC 129 (Ranindra 52, Lloyd 25)
Shootershill2001  90  (Steve Tanner 3 for 8, Walsh 3 for 15)
  • Hish's 2nd fifty and a new personal best, beating the 50 he scored in the first game this season against the landlords. That also makes it eight scores of 25+ in his first 10 innings for the club.
June 26 v Carlton Sports CC home (40 overs) LOST
BCC 157 for 6 (Michaels 71, Ravindra 33)
Carlton 160 for 5 from 36.2 overs
  • Adam's 54th fifty and third of the season
June 19 v Nuxley CC away (35 overs) LOST
Nuxley 163 for 8 (Brian Shillingford 3 for 26)
BCC 129 (Adam 61)
  • Adam's 53rd fifty
  • Three wickets for Brian on his first appearance for us since playing two games in 2003




 June 12 v Ash CC away (35 overs) LOST 

BCC 126 (Purcell 31)
Ash 130 for 4 from 29.4 overs
  • Our 200th defeat (in 527 games)
  • Only our 4th defeat in 19 games v Ash and the first since 1993
  • Sicknote's highest score since his fifty v Addington three years ago
  • Dan's 50th game

 June 5 v Newington away (time game) WON

Newington 142 for 9 (Thurman 4 for 23, Hamilton 3 for 37)
BCC 145 for 1 (Triggs 96*, Lloyd 30)
  • We have twice won games by 10 wickets, but this was our first ever win by 9 wickets
  • Simon's 6th fifty and a new personal best, beating the 65 he scored at East Haddon on last year's tour.
  • When Simon reached 5, he overtook Mick Tanner's career aggregate of 1253 runs to become our all-time 10th highest run scorer
  • Ian's best bowling figures since 2002

 May 29 v May & Baker CC (home) LOST 

May & Baker 267 for 6 (Faraz 125*)
BCC 120 (Steve Tanner 30)
  • First time since 2005 that we've conceded 200 runs in three successive games
  • (Former Karachi Under 19 man) Faraz's 125* is the 5th highest score ever against us
  • Ach was hit for 28 in his last over equalling the club record set originally by, er, me in 1993 v Friendly and equalled by Ian v Carshalton & Croydon Gas in 2003. Nice one, Ach. Any record's a good record, Ian says.

 May 22 v Beddington CC (away) - time game, so it was a draw

Beddington 210 for 3 (J Sinfield 108*)
BCC 146 for 6 (Lloyd 61*, Mash Morarji 34)
  • Dan batted throughout our innings (2 hours 23 mins) for his 2nd fifty and a new personal best beating the 52 he got at Mears Ashby on last year's tour

 May 15 v Priory CC (home) LOST 

Priory 226 for 6
BCC 185 for 9 (Triggs 50, Langford 28, Steve Tanner 26)
  • Simon's 5th fifty
  • A new personal best of 11 for Luke Arpino

 Just to confirm the result. In a 35 over game:

Swinging Googlies 76 (Abhi Duggal 4 for 21)
BCC 77 for 7 from 21.2 overs

I'm afraid there was a complete lack of stats highlights, although it may be the first game we've ever played with 5 non-members. Our guest players dominated our bowling taking 8 of the 9 bowlers' wickets.

But I can bring you the oppo's match report. You might want to fast forward to the top of page 4, where there's some nice remarks about us.


 BCC 192 for 8 (Ravindra 50, Langford 38, Thurman 31)

Shooters Hill 175 (Thurman 3 for 30)

 Hish's first 50 for the club, beating his previous best of 48* in his debut game at Belvedere in 2009

  • Luke Arpino took two wickets in an innings for the first time
  • Steve Tanner became the 10th player to play 200 games for the club. The other nine include his three brothers
  • Defeat was almost snatched from the jaws of victory after Witham & Kirby put on a record 9th wicket partnership of 65. The previous record of 42 was set by Wiseton on the 1993 tour of Chesterfield.
  • And Dave Witham carried his bat for 77* through their completed innings. I don't keep records of this for the oppostion, but I can't remember it being done before. It's only been done once for Broadway (Rory)



 Statto - day one of the 2011 season

April 24th vs Streatham & Marlborough at Dulwich (away game)

Streatham & Marlborough 140 for 9 (Tony Arpino 3 for 13)

BCC 141 for 2 from 22.5 overs (Michaels 54 retired, Jones 51 retired)

  • Michaels 52nd fifty
  • Jones's 25th fifty during which he overtook Dave Tanner's career total of 2642 runs to become our all-time 6th highest run scorer
  • Tony's best bowling figures since 1992



End of 2010 Season

August 1 vs Shootershill2001 CC at Mayday Gardens (away game)

BCC 155/6 (Adam 76*, Dan 31, Hish 27)
Shooters Hill 156/8 from 38.5 overs (Darryl 3 for 26)

Adam's 48th fifty and 4th of the season. He passed 500 runs for the season, the 6th time he's done this. And when he reached 62, he overtook Ian's 5743 runs for the club to become our all time 2nd highest run scorer behind Rory (6656).
Following previous scores of 48*, 38* & 33, Hish became the first player ever to begin his Broadway career with four innings of 25+.

Updated averages can be found here

July 25 vs Nuxley CC at Footscray Road

Nuxley 193/6 (Ian 3 for 35)
BCC  116 (Steve T 42)

Steve's highest score since he scored his personal best of 61 v Pheonix '95 (a.k.a. Shooters Hill) at Hall Place in 1996
Luke's highest score (6) and first boundary
Tony celebrated his 200th game by buggering his back and going off after one over. He's the 9th player to play 200 games for Broadway

18 July vs Alleyn & Honour Oak CC at Mayday Gardens

BCC 206/8 (Rory 67, Paul 39, Hish 33)
Alleyn & Honor Oak 153 (Collllin 3 for 20)

Rory's 42nd fifty
Paul was out one short of equalling his personal best of 40 which he's scored twice
Hish followed up scores of 48* and 38* to become only the 2nd player to start his Broadway career with three scores of 25+. The other was the legendary Courtney Perry who only played three games for us, scoring 68, 87 and 99*.
Fitz' 150th game
Next Sunday's game will be Tony's 200th for the club.

July 11 vs Shades CC at South Bank University Club, Turney Road, Dulwich


Shades 105 (Darryl 3 for 15)
BCC 48

A similarly low scoring game to our only previous match v Shades in 2002 (BCC 84/9, Shades 61)
Our lowest total since Dartford Nomads bowled us out for 39 at Waring Park in 1998 (although we were 2 men short that day)
Steve T marked the 1,000th Tanner appearance for Broadway by getting our only double figure score of the day.
Tony took his 250th wicket. He's the fourth person to reach this landmark after Ian, Glenn Hunt & Dave Tanner.
And Adrian got the five runs he needed to become the 7th player to score 2500 runs (following Rory, Ian, Adam, Glenn Hunt, Chris & Dave Tanner)
Finally, an oppo hat-trick for F Hilton (Fitz, Luke & John O'Reilly) to give him figures of 4 for 1 in 1.1 overs

Updated averages are here


July 4 v Shooters Hill2001 CC at Mayday Gardens
BCC 139 (Rory 43)
SH 140/6 from 33.5 overs

Our 30th game v Shooters Hill in all their incarnations. We've won 15, they've now won 9.
Adrian (now 2495 runs) overtook Gary (2481) to become our all-time 7th highest scorer
A rare change at the top of the batting averages as Adam's dismal recent form allows "Five hour" Rory to come in at the top. Also a new entrant at the top of the bowling averages. God knows how.
Updated averages are 


June 20 vs Nuxley CC at Mayday Gardens

BCC 279/4 (Adam 148*, Simon 57, Hish 38*)
Nuxley 137 (Sicknote 3 for 34)

Our 2nd highest score ever behind the record 295 v Eden Park in 2007
Also, Adam's 148* was the 2nd highest individual score ever behind his record 150 in the 2007 Eden Park game
Our last 3 games have therefore seen two of our 4 highest team scores (the 260 v Carshalton is now 4th) and 2 of our highest 3 individual scores (Adam's 133* v Carshalton is now 3rd)
Adam's 8th century and 47th fifty
Simon's 2nd fifty, equalling the score he made v Crofton at Sidcup CC last year. He also became the 14th player to score 1000 runs for Broadway
Simon & Adam put on 161 for the 3rd wicket, the 2nd highest partnership for that wicket and the 4th highest for any wicket
Tony took his 249th wicket for BCC making him our outright 4th highest wicket taker (Tony Brandi drops to 5th with 248)
Fitz now has 189 wickets and is our outright 7th highest wicket taker (Mark Tanner drops to 8th with 187)
And Sicknote's best bowling figures since he took his personal best 5 for 15 in 2005

Latest averages are here

May 30 v Carshalton Athletic at Mayday Gdns

BCC 260-3 (Adam 133*, Ian 40, Dan 36*)
Carshalton 161 (Dave Tanner 3 for 23)


Our highest score since our record 295 v Eden Park in 2007 and our 3rd highest total ever
Adam made the 2nd highest individual score for Broadway, behind his record 150 in the 2007 Eden Park game
Adam's 7th century and 46th fifty
Dan's 36 (not out) equalled his previous personal best of 36 (out) at Armitage on the 2008 tour
Adam & Dan's unbroken 143 partnership was the 2nd highest ever for the fourth wicket, behind Mike Trewin & Dan Lamb's 157 from 2003. It was Adam & Dan's 2nd century partnership for BCC.
Fitz took his 187th wicket for the club, equalling Mark Tanner's career total. They are the joint 7th highest wicket takers for Broadway.
Liam's 50th game

June 6 v Eden Park at Mayday Gardens
Eden Park 129 (Darryl 4 for 25)
BCC 85

Our first defeat by Eden Park after winning the first 5 matches against them
Tony Arpino took his 248th wicket for the club, equalling Tony Brandi's career total. They are the joint 4th highest wicket takers for Broadway.
And only 247 behind his dad, Luke took his first wicket for the club
Finally, Chris joined the exclusive elite of Broadway batsmen (also Mark & Mick Tanner) to have scored 50 ducks.

Latest averages are here

May 23 v Crawley Tigers CC at Crawley Eagles Cricket Club


BCC 117 (Adam 34, Rory 30*)
Crawley Tigers 120/7 from 26.5 overs

Adam set a new club record with his 35th six, overtaking Dave Tanner's 34. Dave guests for us on Sunday.
Adam also overtook Glenn Hunt to become Broadway's all-time 3rd highest run scorer. The top four are now: Rory (6539), Ian (5662), Adam (5358) & Glenn (5352).
The first season averages are attached. Not very exciting at this stage, but Simon gets his traditional one week at the top of the batting averages before Adam qualifies.
Finally, next Sunday's game will be Liam's 50th for the club.

The first averages of the season can be downloaded here


May 16 v Ash CC at Mayday Gardens

Ash 118 (Darryl 4 for 14, Ian 3 for 21, Fitz 3 for 25)
BCC 96/5 from 25.5 overs (Liam 57)

First 50 for Liam, beating his previous best of 33* v Carlton Sports at Mayday Gardens last year
Luke became the 9th Tanner to represent Broadway. The Trewins & Whites can only muster a paltry four each.

May 9 v Carlton Sports CC at Mayday Gardens
BCC 187/4 (Rory 74*, Simon 32)
Carlton 153 (Jones 1, Liam 3 for 24, Darryl 3 for 25)

 Our 200th ever win
Rory's 41st fifty and his 5th consecutive score of 25+

Adam hit his 34th six, equalling Dave Tanner's club record
Darryl took 3 wickets in an over, the last of which made him the 13th player to take 100 wickets for BCC. He's the second fastest to this landmark (402.4 overs), after Glenn Hunt (397.1)

April 25 v Old Rutlishians CC at Merton Park

Old Ruts 333/1 (Saleem A 118 retired, Malloy 101 retired)
BCC 150/8 (Adam 54*, Paul 27)

The highest ever score against us beating the 302/6 by Carshalton & Croydon Gas at Mollison Drive in 2003. These are the only two occasions that 300 has been scored in a Broadway game. Our record score is 295.
183 runs is our 3rd heaviest runs defeat
483 runs is the 3rd highest match aggregate ever
Although their wicket did not fall until the score was 321, this counts as an opening partnership of 206 as that was when the first opener retired. This is still a record opening partnership against us (beating 167 for Morton Colliery on the 1993 tour) and the 2nd highest partnership for any wicket (behind the 3rd wicket partnership of 220 by Friendly at Waring, also in 1993).
Adam's 45th fifty